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Kel was with the sheep, opening the paddock and stabbing the crook into the ground as he watched them. One lagged behind, and instead seemed more interested in nosing at Kel's pockets like a curious dog. This one his brothers had dubbed 'Kelly'.

It was one of many reasons that he thought surely, surely a real dog would be better to keep dog-like sheep in line than an old wizened stick. But a dog could not be passed down through generations like a stick could. So fond was his father of the crook; it had a feather carved in it, the family crest, as it were, symbolic of a promise that his sons would wield it as he did. Of course, this was unlikely. Both he and Toal were hopelessly entrenched in the underworld (theatre). There was a chance Manus or Ennis would carry on, but Kel had the feeling it would not be so.

He heard the barn door creak, and spoke over his shoulder. "This one's proper mad, but it en't hurting nothin' f'r to lag about me so."
The voice of his brother piped up, a somewhat condescending tone clear in his voice.

"A'least thar be somethin' feemale willin' ta spend their time keepin' ya comp'ny."

A little laugh escaped despite his best effort as he walked over towards the two. His eyes looked from Kel to the lamb and he stuffed his hands in his pockets.

"Tha bairne needs mendin' ya know. Gotta be done b'fore tha weather can get worse. Ye dinnae need tha' animals ta git sick if a storm blows in."

He folded his arms, not about to offer his service even though they were family. He wanted the place sold and to be free.
Only a little while after Toal had entered the barn another face popped through the open door.  Ennis took no time running to his older brothers and Kelly, standing somewhere between their 'sheep dog' and Toal. 

"Havin' trouble, Kel?" his eyes glittered at Kel as his hands went into his pockets as well, though his seemed to be grabbing for something instead of mimicking Toal for once. He crouched down beside Kelly and pulled something from the pocket to show her and her nostrils flared out, going for his hand before he pulled it away. He fiddled with whatever it was in one hand and then offered his other to her and she licked it clean. Ennis let out a little giggle and wiped the drool off on his trouser leg, moving to the paddock and holding the other hand out to her so she'd follow.

"She thinks ya have sugar," he said in an amused tone that suggested they both should have obviously known that.
Kel snorted like a horse and watched Ennis feed Kelly. "Don't let Mam catch tha givin' treats like that."

To Toal he said: "Tha's got two hands," ignoring his comment about females of any sort paying him attention, "I'm to work in an hour or two." Referring to his manor job. He didn't feel keen to have the twins work the plow or the sheep, but it was about their age that he and Toal had begun to mind the farm proper. Back when Da could teach it. Kel could never shear as good as him.
A soft laugh escaped the eldest brother's lips as he walked over and ruffled his little brother's hair. His head craned to the side to glance at Kel. "So da ya. Hav'n two hands dun make one skilled. Ya know that as wael as an'one ah'd say." He smirked and stuffed his hands into his coat pockets once more to avoid the chill in the air.

"Ah could try, but if'n ah fall and get harm'd a'least Ah can geeve up work'n tha farm and leave it ta you strong lads."

It was as if a plan was forming in his mind the way he smiled and began to whistle as he walked back towards the barn to retrieve the ladder.
"Ah! Mum may think me clever if she's inna good mood," he closed the door behind Kelly and stood inside with her to let her lick all the remaining sugar off his hands. It was in little cubes, but Ennis had been playing and crushed it all by mistake. Kelly's nose dove into his coat pocket and he errupted in laughter as he tried to back away from the little beastie. He heard Toal talking about getting hurt and didn't see his eyes on the ladder as he said with a smile
"But you're th' strongest, Toal! Nothin' n' th' whole wide world could hurt you."
He was jealous of Ennis's infatuation with Toal. Why not him? He was twice as good looking and three times more loyal and he never once left the village to look for women and bawdy bars. His lack of drive to seek women in the first place was immaterial.

"So falling and breaking tha's head open's the plan." He deadpanned and looked up at the hay loft which did seem to have a few missing planks above it on the roof. He was nearly impressed that Toal had even noticed it.
Toal looked to Ennis and patted his shoulder, unable to shed the huge grin at the compliment. It was a shame he wasn't around the boy more, as he was perhaps the only kid he actually liked and for obvious reason.

"Ah, ev'ryone ca' get hurt, even the best o' people like m'self. "

His good mood of course was soured slightly by Kel's comment but he used their little brother's admiration as fuel for the fire, giving him a sly grin over the youngest's head. "Ah nah. I imagine if my 'ead be anythin like yers, it's ard as stone."

Toal smirked and eyed the area thinking he could easily move a pile of hay high enough if he landed, he'd at most break an arm or something. But he really didn't want to risk his career so it was better to do it alone and fake it.
Ennis giggled at Toal's comment. Not because he agreed with him per se, but because it gave him an amusing idea.

"You two could do a show toget'er wit' all tha' bickern'. I bet folks wouldn' know ya weren' doin' an act, either!" He smirked at Toal, then Kellan as he pulled himself away from Kelly and started climbing over the fence keeping the sheep in so he wouldn't have to mess with the gate and Kelly trying to weasel out behind him.
"Better stone than eggshell." His meagre retort. He'd be sore at Ennis too if he weren't so very fond of him. Instead of responding to him, he was taken aback by imagining he and Toal in an act. He wouldn't object, he could just play the tune and watch Toal and other dancers and try not to laugh. but if Ennis meant some scene from a play, it might very well turn into an onstage brawl instead. Could still draw in ticket money...

Kel had intended to help, but now he leaned against the wall of the barn and watched Ennis climb the fence. "Mind y'r feet, lad."
Toal snorted and his lips crinkled into a grin. He shook his head as he looked around in a half attempt before stepping over towards the others.

"A show? Wi' me an' im? Ha! There'd be a call t' tha shades in no time wi' our fight'n gett'n outta 'and!"

When he reached his brother, he hung his head to the side and gave an exaggerated sigh.

"Tis a shame, ah cannae fix tha roof. We 'ave no wood. Ah guess 'ts up ta you t' git the mat'rials if'n ya wan me ta fix it."
"I think tha' both'f ya could, though! It wouldn' hurt ta tr-"

Ennis made it over the fence, but was a bit clumsy and slipped to thud on his shoulder. He made a noise on impact that sounded something in the ballpark of
"Feck!", then pulled himself up rubbing his shoulder that was dirtied by the barn floor. He squinted out of one eye, but it was obvious after a very short while he was actually fine and the only thing possibly hurt was his pride. It was also obvious the wheels hadn't stopped turning and his eyes got wide.

"Ah! Kel's gotta go ta work! We could go get tha' lumber, Toal! I'd help ya!" He beamed, "Mum would be so pleased!"
Kel leapt to help Ennis, but he was too late to get a hold of him. When he righted himself, Kel patted his shoulder sympathetically. "Alright lad? Err, there's a bit of wood in the Madswitte shed... but that'd be stealin', i could get sacked if we took it."
Toal attempted to remain aloof against his brothers but seeing Ennis fall made him straighten and he would have ran to his aid but Kel was much faster. He immediately returned to his previous state, looking away as if the entire thing were a bore.

"Course ee's fin. 'E ah Fetherst'n 'n he? We don' break that easy. Just migh' go crazy." He looked to the house as his lips tightened and his brow furrowed. Quick to want to change the conversation he looked towards his baby brother and walked towards the fence to look down at Ennis.

"Kel's right. Can' go aroun steal'n. We got enough probl'ms 'nd if 'e was ta lose 'is job, ah'd never 'ear the end o' it." He smiled at the boy as he had no intention of doing the work anyway. "An' we 'ave no money for wood. Bu' don' lose 'ope. Maybe you 'nd me can lat'r on go look'n for any abandon'd barns or sheds. They'd 'ave some loose wood, no? Dinnae 'ave ta be good qual'ty. Just enough f'r tha wint'r."
Ennis's mouth dropped open when his brothers started talking about stealing, like he'd suggested it. His hands went on his hips and he gave them what was supposed to be an indignant look, but ended up looking like a big pout.

"Oi! I never said nothin' 'bout thievin'!" he huffed, kicking at a bit of loose hay.

He didn't miss Toal's comment about their dad, but it scared him to even acknowledge it was happening. He'd made it along just fine pretending nothing was wrong with his father, though it was harder recently. His expression went more into an actual frown and his head bowed quickly to hide his face. A sleeve ended up being used to wipe at his eyes, composing himself the best he could while Toal talked about them working together finding old barn wood. He hoped it just looked like he was mad about the stealing comments and not that he was thinking about something else closer to home.

"Yeah, tha' could work. Maybe we could ask 'round t' older folks?" he sniffled, working the stress out of his voice by putting on a tone that was a little more cheerful than he felt.

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