question about villagers/shops
Hi all! I am Rogue. I joined a couple of days ago and I am thrilled to be here. :)

Is there a list of current PCs or NPCs' positions in the shops and other places in the village? I would like my 16-year-old character Daphne Crale to be part of a family that runs a shop, but I don't want to say it's the post office (or whatever) if someone else is already playing the post office family.

Hi Rogue, that’s a great question. I’ve actually been planning on adding a list of occupation claims for the village, but had yet to get that going. Off the top of my head in terms of active characters in village roles, we have an apothecary, a curio shop run by the Hecate Sisters, a barber, a constable, and a doctor and nurse. Otherwise, there’s a tavern with an innkeeper and bartender with servers. If you have one you’d like to create, like the post office, you’re most certainly welcome to!
Yas! Lucy grew up in the village, but I'm not sure if I ever specified what her family does. Post office would be a good job we have unfilled! :D
Excellent! Thank you both. :)

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