A Very Long Night (Group 4)
It was her day off, and Lucy Plumey was not about to let a bit of inclement weather prevent her from having a good time. She stuffed her hands into gloves then mittens then her pockets and shuffled her way towards the tavern. By the time she got there, the wind was already picking up, and snow was starting to fall in sheets.

Despite the weather, she wasn’t the only one in the establishment. In any case, there were worse places to be if it was going to be a long night. Plenty of booze. Plenty of company. Plenty of cards.

She shook the snow from her shoulders and started peeling her soaked winterwear off, leaving it in a sopping heap on the bar. “Got anything back there that can warm a lady up?” Lucy grinned.
"Put it on my tab", Jonathan said as he moved behind Lucy to sit by her at the bar with a large smile on his face. He quickly held up a hand to attempt to silence her. "It's not a drink for now with promises for later. It's a make up since I scared you off. Just two buddies drinking at the bar and talking. I figured the least I could do was make it my treat."

He already had half a glass of something golden and rich, but it hadn't been the first of his for the bitter cold night. Feeling the door open made the man tremble as he quickly tugged his heavy coat closed just a bit as he only cast a glance towards the door and seeing how heavy the snow was falling.
It was going to be cold, he wasn't daft. The wind was cruel and made his skin feel like it burned as the snow hit him and the wetness immediately froze. He felt his nose starting to run as he stomped through the snow. He was certain his brother had made it home hours ago but he had been out up to his usual and didn't realize how bad it would be, despite the ominous clouds that had settled over the town.

It was now hard to see and he kept blinking until he saw something. A place with the lights still on! They were hard to see through the thick glass windows and he was sure it was a bar, but he just wanted to warm up and wait it out a bit.

Ed hoped he wouldn't immediately get kicked out. He wiped his nose and walked to the door before pushing it open and stepping in, nearly stumbling over his feet as some snow came in with him. He leaned his entire body into it to close it back from the strong wind and looked around, his eyes slowly adjusting to the light.

"D-don' mind me! It cold as 'ell out there!"
Lucy turned in surprise when she heard Jon interject. “I’ll take a brandy, then.” She couldn’t say no to someone else picking up the tab, and smiled when he took a seat next to her. Truthfully, she had come to think back on the night of the rather fondly, even if it had ended abruptly… even awkwardly. It wasn’t that she was having a bad time- she had been having a good time, at that scared her.

“Ppsh, I wasn’t scared.” Lucy rolled her eyes dramatically, before they dropped to the bar, looking for her drink only because it didn’t involve looking back at Jon. She had thought about him a lot, since then, maybe even too much. All of his affection and compliments, and the way he wanted her, she adored. There had been more than one time when she wondered if she couldn’t go knock on his door and pick up where they left off, but didn’t know where to begin. Maybe with an apology?

The brandy slid across the bar, and she lifted it like a toast in Jon’s direction. “Well, it’s a start.” She said with a smug smile and took a sip. “You know… I’ve thought about that evening a lot.”

Before Lucy could glance up to give him a look to show what she meant, the door burst back open, swirling snow inside, and the most repellent un-flirty child voice chimed up. Dagger shooting from her eyes, Lucy couldn’t help but snap back, “We can tell. Keep that door closed!”
Jonathan's grin stretched nearly ear to ear as he heard her. The fact she thought of that night meant that he had succeeded in leaving a pleasant impression, he usually managed to more often than not. He held up his fingers to signal that he wanted two brandy, one for the both of them. His hands folded on the bar as he watched her slightly until he could wind his fingers around the poured drink, welcoming the alcohol to warm his bones.

A little nod and a laugh as he listened, "Aye... I guess I should know. A lovely lady like yourself is so full of fire, you're more than likely to scare off the spooks in the night. To be fair, when you grabbed that candlestick I was a little scared.' He chuckled again and took a deep gulp of his drink, closing his eyes in contentment. This was the start of a great evening.

His blue eyes moved to her to see what she was going to say when the mood was hit by a harsh chill. His head snapped around to the door, wondering who was coming in this weather and his brow lowered in confusion at the child. Shaking his head, he rested a warm hand on hers and flashed her that charming smile that could melt iron.

"Don't worry about him. We have our drinks, and plenty more to come. Just tell me what you were saying? I have to admit that I've thought very fondly on that night more than once."

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