Chillin' in the Church
"Thanks. Sounds as if you'd like my mother." Inviting anyone to visit the bog was a privilege not easily bestowed, but Dembe would keep this woman in mind for later. "You alright, miss?" He noticed the wince as he took the blanket, was that to do with the aforementioned healing?
"Well, I reckon she's probably a right good lady. It ain't easy being a mom and I figure in a place like this, it's even harder, eh?" Kitty said cheerfully. His question though had her waving her arm as she took another swig of her own drink.

"Take no mind. It's why I left America. Got a bit of an injury, so I'm recovering, though the quacks say I'll never get completely better. We'll see." She shrugged and leaned back in the pew, stretching out her arms over the back to relax some.

"Sorry, I'm new to the town so I don't know a lot yet. You work in the town? I just say cause I ain't seen you before but then.. " she giggled and waved to the others. "I ain't seen them either."
Her posturing seemed not of a nun, but maybe American nuns were different.

"I do. Carpentry mostly. I haven't been here long either, maybe a year. Not sure who they are." He eyed the other fellows who seemed not to be interested in the two of them.
"Oh! That is good hard work! Perhaps I can get ya to help fix up this here ole church when I get the bucks. "Her head craned back to look at the roof and she jutted out her chin a bit as if to get his attention to it. "Needs a bit of work, course this place don't get the donations it should. But then the community comes first and everyone seems ta be having a hard time. "

She looked at the other men in the place and tilted her head. One seemed to nervously sip the offered alcohol as if it was the devil's brew the other was doing weird stuff with paper and charcoal powder. She wanted to yell at him to clean it up but figured he wasn't hurting anything at the moment.

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