Chillin' in the Church
How did it come to this point? Akal was shaking from the cold as the snow had started to fall. He was not properly dressed as he didn't intend to be out for so long. The man was disappointed as he'd allowed himself to be distracted. He wanted to get a bit of medicine from the apothecary for his throat even though he was much better, it didn't hurt to make certain. When he left the snow had started to fall, and it fell hard. He tried to make his way back but he didn't know his way around town all that well and when he couldn't see past a building or two he became more and more uncertain.

Finally, with his teeth chattering and hugging himself, he found something through the thickly falling snow. He didn't know how he had wandered so far he'd come upon a church but he didn't want to wander without a direction any longer. He would have to wait it out and hopefully warm up.

The small man pushed at the heavy door and nearly stumbled in with the snow when it opened. He blinked as he looked around the old church. He noticed several candles lit with a woman on the other side of the room. His entrance had caused some of the flames to flicker out, and he swore he heard the woman curse. That caught him off guard and he timidly tried to push the door shut and was about to mutter an apology but let out a small cough. Perhaps going out in the bitter cold after being sick wasn't the best idea.


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