Good Morning, Good Morning!
It was hard to tell the time of day as the clouds had rolled in and with winter about to settle, the sun was getting lazier by the day. Light still managed to give a soft glow to the room as Sean gave a polite knock before letting himself in. It wasn't necessarily his job, but he liked tending to the guests that were kind to him, and Oliver had certainly been.

His first order was to place down the heavy tray that contianed breakfast and tea. He didnt bother yet to set the small table. The footman moved to crouch down to stoke the coals and ash, he spoke softly in a mild attempt to wake the aforementioned man. "It is a bit chilly today, sir. Might I suggest wearing a thick jacket and a stroll? Those clouds worry me that it'll be dreary for days coming in, though I have heard rumors of snow."

A little finesse and work and he had a fire going, giving the room some more light and warmth. Sean turned and walked towards him and cocked his head to the side as he feared his hands on his hips.

"I've your breakfast as well.." He slowly smiled and poked the man's foot through the thick blankets. "It'll be cold if you do not get up soon."
A restless night of strange dreams and memories thought forgotten had haunted Oliver, leaving him dry-eyed and tired even before fully waking. He remained in bed, curled up in a childish fashion and his eyes firmly shut despite his mind now being very much awake, despite his desires to remain asleep just a little longer. Even as the door to his room opened, he did not bother to stir knowing it would only be one of the staff attending the fire and perhaps bringing him breakfast.

Oliver rarely joined the family at large for breakfast, the morning is one of the more difficult times of the day for him and it often took some time for him to encourage his body to work in a proper fashion. While his bed was warm, unsurprising since it was covered with an almost extraordinary heap of blankets, the room was not, at least not until the fire had worked its magic. Despite the promise of a cold room ( the cold being something he was not well built to deal with) Lord Ellund began to slowly unravel himself from the cocoon of bedclothes.

He peered at the young footman, Sean and a friendly face whom he was not displeased to see.

"If it snows, I shall not leave the Castle." Oliver grumbled, pulling himself to the edge of the bed and searching a moment for his slippers, having no intention of letting his still warm feet get cold. It was hard enough for his body to remain warm without him asking for trouble.

"Snow is something to be observed, not felt." He added, running his fingers through his dark and messy hair before pushing himself to his feet and grabbing the thick blue robe by his bed.

"I am surprised anything in this castle is warm to begin with." The manor home had grown up in had been much warmer. The heavy, grey stone was not forgiving in the cool weather.

"And how are you this morning?" The young Lord asked, before settling himself down on at the small table where his breakfast had been placed.
"All the more reason to go out before it does snow. The fresh air will be good for you, sir."

Seeing him awake, Sean smiled brightly as he began to carefully place the teacup and pot upon the small table. He worked to arrange the other delicate China that held the rest of the morning meal. It was not his place but he showed concern for the man who had come to stay there as it seemed only right. He was alone and far from his family, Sean wanted him to feel a bit at home the best he could.

"I will make sure you are dressed warmly, I can even see who is free if you'd like company for a short walk in the garden."

His fingers were chilled but steady as he poured him a cup of the tea, confident it would keep him warm. As he took it to him, he replied about the castle.

"You get used to it, sir. This far north and I don't think I've been to a single inch of England that wasn't a bit dreary. Especially this time of year." He gave him an assuring smile, "But don't you worry. I'll make sure you're kept warm and comfortable."
Oliver allowed a small grumble of disagreement as he tied the heavy robe and then sat down at the small table. The window allowed him a view of the gardens and he glanced out at the morning beyond the glass for a moment, before looking back to the footman. "I imagine so." He eventually agreed, knowing the fresh air was exactly what the doctor prescribed him and a large part of the reason he was not fit for living in the smoggy, dirty streets of London any longer. Perhaps he would go for a walk, or if a carriage was about, then a trip through the countryside. Either way, he would do as suggested and enjoy the peaceful and fresh country air. 

"You sound far too much like my mother." Lord Elland pointed out wryly of the young footman, not meaning it in an unkind way - it was nice to know the castle staff were aware of his condition without him strictly stating as such. "Though, I would appreciate it." He nodded, taking up the porcelain teacup and sipping the steaming hot tea, the perfect thing to get his mind and body working on such a chilly morning. 

Oliver gave a small nod and followed it with a grin as Sean described the weather of the North. "My family's estate is not far from here, I grew up there, so I know the weather here well." He pointed out with a smile, putting down the teacup and glancing once more at the world beyond the window. "Though my family's estate is a - " he paused for a way to describe the building without insulting the castle they now were within, "- a far warmer, modern estate."  Most primarily as it had been built as a residence and not originally as a fortress, unlike the castle. 
Sean looked at him curiously as he spoke then smiled. He certainly could agree with the man's observations though being compared to his mother gave him a small laugh.

"I will consider it a compliment. Sometimes we all can use and even appreciate having someone care for us even if we do not require it. "

He began to place the small dishes with his breakfast upon them. A couple of pastries and tiny jar of preserves and another with some honey.

"Ah, these old places are always rather drafty. I once worked in a more modern place that had a rather remarkable system to keep it warm in winter using.." he looked in thought. "Radiators. I just remember seeing these odd things in every room. I wasn't there for very long." He chuckled slightly.

"I do hope the drafty do not interact negatively with your health. If I can do anything to help, do not refrain from asking."
Oliver had to agree. It was nice to know someone in the world worried for you, no matter where you were or what you were doing. With the death of his brother and the ageing of his parents, Oliver had found himself in the position of carer, rather than being cared for - which was not something he was used to. It was bound to happen, one's parents aged and being their child meant less being their's to command and instead more about caring for them in their later years. Even if he was not living at the family estate, he was still close enough to reach them within the day if anything should happen.

"And you?" Oliver asked, glancing at the footman a moment, "You have someone to care for you?" It seemed only polite to ask. A good many servants in grand homes came from the local villages, they had large families, strong bonds and in some ways Oliver was envious of that.

He did not particularly feel like eating and yet forced himself to do so anyway, knowing it was for the best even if he had no appetite. There were always certain things in life one had to do, even if there was no motivation to do them, such as adulthood Oliver had decided.

"Oh, where was it you worked?" He enquired, taking a small bite of the breakfast. He had assumed Sean was one of the village boys who had ended up in the 'grand house' as so many did, but if he had served elsewhere, perhaps his background was not so straightforward as Oliver had assumed.
The chill of the room faded more as the fire worked its magic and he watched Oliver begin to eat which pleased him as he worried the man wouldn't feel like it. It was impolite to stare at the man eating so he went to the wardrobe to help him pull out clothing to wear for the day so he wouldn't have to and looked over his shoulder at the question.

"Oh my, no. I have no family nearby, my parents still work at the house that I was born at. That is far enough from here it wouldn't be easy to reach but I know they will be well cared for. I have some friends here but I would never ask them to take care for me if it is at all unnecessary. No one should care for someone else who is merely friends unless it is in their own heart. We all have such busy and complicated lives, I wouldn't find it fair to even ask and cause an inconvenience. Perhaps one day, but I do not worry over such things. It's my job to help and care for others anyway, at least I like to think so."

He returned to the task at hand as he made up the bed slightly, enough that he could carefully lay the clothing down without a wrinkle in sight. The maids would do a far better job when they came later in the day if Oliver hadn't returned to the room by then. A small smile came to his face as this man seemed so curious. A little shrug as he folded his hands neatly before him and faced him as he finished.

"I worked in Leeds with my father, learning the job under him. He'd worked there almost all of his life. They had plenty of help though, and with me growing into my own, they wouldn't keep me to be kind and keep  me close to my family. I was old enough to find my own home and job. So I searched until I found here. I like it here though, the people are interesting, and the house... has a spirit all its own." He smiled as he thought about what he might do later that night if he wasn't too tired.

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