Open Nothing Like a Good Time!
She looked down toward her feet the back to the side of his face. Her hand moved from his beard as her eyes gazed upon the manor. "I believe you'd have no issue walking me through the front door" Her attire though a bit dirty now was a dress from one of the Meijer's closets. It suggested wealth. "But you know best"

Her feet came to a stand still as she took in her surroundings. Dalia moved away from his arm and turned to take in the rest of the view. "I can why you like it here...the grounds are..." She paused as she noticed an arch way. "breath taking"
Jon shrugged and chuckled . "They don't like me going through the front door no matter my company." He seemed to take no offense and took her hand to lead her around the side to the closest entrance but paused as she looked at the views.

He nodded and followed her gaze around the place before his gaze settled upon her. "Indeed.. quite a sight."
"you are an excellent gardener" She hadn't felt his hand reach for hers and wasn't aware they were on the move again until she felt a slight tug on her arm after it ended up extended. She smiled as she kept up with him, but stayed a few steps behind, so that her arm was stretched far, but at a comfortable length. She heard a noise, some sort of animal, she hadn't heard that type of noise which made her quickly move to his side.
"Thank you. I like to think I lead a good team. " He walked along side her especially when she caught up closer.

"We can take a longer walk through the yards when we leave..." He promised.
That flutter came back as they neared the back door, but maybe it was because she felt like she was breaking some sort of rule being here. "Thank you...for humoring me"

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