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"I actually haven't seen it, if you wish to take me back to that place I am forced to call home then fine. As you wish, but I'll probably just hop on my horse and follow you " So it technically wasn't her horse. It was one on loan from Mrs Meijer to get her here, but as long as Meijer didn't have to worry about taking care of it, which she hadn't for a while now, then she considered it her own horse. "Unless there is something, maybe someone, you wish I didn't get introduced to."
Jonathan arched his brow then shook his head and laughed. "I have never met a woman so intent on going back to my place "He laughed and winked. He started to guide her down another path. "You could come any time, but if you wish to risk going down a dark path alone with a man you don't know.. I give you a clap for bravery." His hands went together and he guided her towards the castle which had a long dark winding path full of shadows. "You sure you still want to go? The way back will be long and dark too."
"Nah, we've met twice now, we've definitely moved past stranger" She said something in Hebrew, which was along the lines of 'may god protect me.' Then smiled as her arm rapped around his more to feel a bit secure. "I'd feel slightly better if I had my horse. You know, that way I can ride fast away if I have to." She did very much want to see that castle, but he did have a point. By the time she was half way back it would be dark. She let go of his arm and moved quickly up the bath only to stop, turn around, and walk backwards "Would you not see a lady as myself home though? You are a gentlemen after all, aren't you?"
Jonathan laughed as he walked with her and watched her step ahead. "Who said I wouldn't walk you home? Any gentleman worth his salt would insure a lady's safety. If you would rather get your horse you can. Anything to make the lady fell safer. "He opened his arm to let her lead the way if she wanted to change their trajectory.
"I'm already up the pathway , a good head start from you" She called out to him. "Dare to race?" She held up her skirt so it wasn't touching the dirt. "Or are your bones as grey as your hair" She teased, it may have been a slightly crueler tease then she meant to let out, but it was the first thing that came to her head. It was her not fully thinking before talking that always seemed to land her in trouble, like the other night at Meijer residence. She lowered her skirt, having killed her own energy. She waited for him to reach where she stood. "Sorry, forgive me, that sounded better in my head.."
Jonathan laughed softly as he saw her run ahead. "Oh? You do not know how strong a man who spends all of his days outdoors can be!" They hadn't gotten far, so it was always easy to turn back but her heart seemed determined. He jogged towards her quickly though he tried to be careful of his step.

"Never apologize over a joke, it is fine. I like to prove you wrong. "He laughed as he rejoined her side. "Shall we walk or run the rest of the way?"
Back home someone would have hit her across the cheek for that kind of joke or worse harass her, even with an apology. Here he was telling her not to apologize as he jogged to catch up to where she stood. Guedalia just sort of stared at him, was he for real? Her facial expression then slowly grew a smile on it "Race" She said as she took off, maybe she had cheated slightly. She had no doubt in her mind he'd win the race, after all she was in a few layers of clothes and probably would run out of breath sooner than later, but it didn't mean she wasn't going to try.
Jon watched her go after she had an odd expression. He wondered what the woman was thinking and he took off after her. He raced and after a few seconds, he began to catch up, when he did, he slowed to a job beside her. "This is fun! Careful of stones, my lady. I'd feel awful if you twisted an ankle."
"I think it's you 'd be more careful" If she tripped on a stone, he would he'd have to help her. She didn't exactly have any experience with men, the closets to a touch was when she was either harassed or cared for, which she tried to keep to a minimum. She stopped running. "Okay, so I'm not faster than you, but I blame this get up. Sometimes I wonder why I bother to dress like a lady when I am constantly reminded I am not." She wasn't a lady, she didn't have wealth, she just had things she stole and sewed to fit her own body, some of which were very nice. She liked wearing them, it made her feel like she had status, and status got you far.
Jon slowed when she did and looked over curiously. "What? Why do you say that?" He laughed softly and put his hands in his pockets to keep them warm. "You are a lady. I guarantee it. And I have met many many ladies." He looked up as the clouds were thick and threatened to eat the moon.

"And I don't necessarily mean I know them in the way I'm sure you're thinking though I have for some." He chuckled slightly.
" I wouldn't doubt if you knew all of them in that way sir, who could resist Mr. Salt and Pepper" She smirked, trying to hide the fact she may have just bit her lip for a second there. "But you are wrong, ladies don't run in dresses, nor do they have such sharp tongues as mine. I am just a middle class citizen dressed in beautiful clothes, I'm surprised Mrs. Meijer even lets me keep the things. " She saw him looking at the moon and her gaze followed, she felt her self stumble on one of those stone and instantly reached out to the first stable thing, Jon's arm. "don't say it..." she could hear the I told you so, about the stones, even though her ankle was fine.
"Sure ladies do, its called having fun. Don't think your place in society means you don't have class. Remind yourself you are a woman with dreams and heart and you know how to be polite and honest and you fight for what you wish for. All of those make a lady in the purest degree." Jon was smiling from her compliment and so he didn't laugh when she fell, not that he would have anyway.

He smiled trying to not giggle and held her so she was solid on the ground once more. "I never said a word."
She probably stayed still and held onto his arm just long enough that it gave her an odd feeling, but she wasn't sure what it was exactly, maybe embarrassment? She let go of his arm and kept walking, there was a bit of silence "Thank you, you know for that.." She had meant his kind words. For one that knew so many women, this man seemed like a catch, so where was his significant other. "how much farther, I think I've gotten my self parched from that sprint earlier"
Jonathan shook his head, "no need to thank me. Helping a pretty lady is its own reward!" He grinned and walked beside her before looking up at the castle and pointed towards it. "A bit of a walk left, see it there?" It was indeed on the horizon and would be a few minutes walk. "I did warn you it was a long way."
"Laying it on thick there kid.." She smirked, because he was obviously older than her. "Yea, I am regretting not going and getting the horse." She stopped and plopped down on the ground. "You do this every time you go into town for work, walk this entire thing?" She wiped the pebbles from her hand and looked up at him.

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