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Jonathan had spent quite a few hours that day at Madman's Bluff. He was warm and felt pleasant but not truly drunk, it was never as fun to get too drunk when one was alone. While he had spent a bit of time with his good friend, Wilf, he knew it would be a long walk back. It was also getting too chilly to risk the walk and end up sleeping among the long grass, soaking in the icy mud.

He noticed the sun was still somewhat high and muttered to himself that it had felt like he'd spent hours in the pub. He rubbed his palm against his long and well cared for beard for a moment.

A laugh escaped him and he gave a shrug of defeat. It meant the day was still young and plenty of time to find some entertainment or a couple of bottles he could take to his room where he could get well and truly sauced.

He started towards the path that would eventually lead to the castle and shoved his rugged hands into his pockets. A merry whistle came from his lips before he came upon someone. His steps picked up a bit to catch up and join their side.

"How's the day going for ya?"
She carried the same basket she had when she arrived to this town. Her arrival just happened to coincide with a special occasion that Mr. Meijer had invited family and friends to. Her outfit made her stand out like a sore thumb in this town. Back home, this was the type of thing the Meijer sisters wore, but the wardrobes here were a bit different at least that's how she felt after today. Walking through this town she saw faded colors, but mostly plain beige and dirty whites.

She turned her head and her pony tail swung with it as she noticed a familiar face join her side. It was surprise to say the least, but a welcomed one.  Dalia didn't know many people in this town yet and part of her wanted to keep it that way.  "If it isn't Mr. Salt and Pepper himself.." She paused and looked at the empty basket and then in front of her. "It's going... badly to be honest. Just trying to get some nutrition in the house, but town seems to be scarce on things today, that or they don't like newcomers."
The man laughed at the nickname and nodded in her direction. "That would be the winter. People who have any food are keeping the good stuff to themselves and selling the cheaper stuff that people who just don't want to starve will buy. Though..."

He pulled up a free hand to scratch at his neck just under his glorious beard as they walked. "Some might be hiding the better stuff when you come. A couple of people herr aren't nearly as friendly as I."

He gave her a small wink and offered her to take his arm. "I promise, despite whatever rumors you hear otherwise, I don't bite." He smiled more though didn't push her to take it, happy to walk at her wide. "By the way, I don't believe I caught your name at the little soiree the other day."
She turned around and started walking backwards in order to see his face while she spoke. Her right hand was lined with Henna as was her left foot. The clothes she wore now vs at that party were definitely different. Her head turned slightly to the right with an quizzical look.

"Oh, there are rumors about you." She ignored the name part for a moment as she turned on her tip toes and approached a girl selling flowers. Buying some she then stepped over to buy some nuts. "I didn't exactly give it."
"Rumors? About me? How flattering!" Jon laughed as he stepped , looking at the strange woman curiously. He wondered why she walked with him, since it seemed she was immune to his overwhelmingly charming power.

"I didn't give mine either, yet you know me. I hardly think that is fair." He smiled huge as he watched her do her shopping. "Perhaps you were just, curious about me?" He wiggled his brow playfully then chuckled.
She hadn't expected to meet such a charmer on her first day in town. She didn't actually hear any of the rumors. She cut the girl off before she could go into anything. She did her best not to laugh and curled her lips to try and help. "The only thing I know is your name is Jonathan."

She turned around with small bag of roasted nuts and extended it toward her walking partner before taking one for herself. "Guedalia Montefiore, Meijer's.." she trailed of. "future wife if Zech's mother gets her way. God help me, but for now seamstress and maid." She smiled and then joined him by his side again as they started to walk.

"And you only earned that from that eyebrow thing..."
The older man gave her a curious gaze as he took one of the offered treat and ate it slowly. "Ah, then you know so little of me. I am quite willing to change that, Guedalia.." he said her name slowly to help remember and to make sure he said it right after hearing her pronounce it.

"That is a shame, trying to force you into marrying someone you do not love. I hope it doesn't happen, a woman should be free to follow her heart as men so often do." He let her walk alongside but now he didn't head to the castle, since he didn't want to make her wander from town. "Well then what can I do to earn more?"
" I agreed to no such thing , nor do I think Zech, I mean me. Meijer would want that either. Besides I am just a seamstress forced to turn maid." She stopped walking and are a roasted nut. What could he do to earn more? That was a good question and she wasnt. exactly sure. " An eye for an eye , so to speak. Tell me something about your self. "
"Do not say that. You are not 'just a seamstress' I think no woman is ever just one thing. That would be to take away all of your potential!" Jonathan said with a big smile before he took another one of her nuts to eat.

He walked for a few feet quietly at her question and shrugged. "What's there to tell? I am a very simple man! " The man rubbed his beard before speaking. "I can say I traveled, and I decided to retire here."
She actually hadn't meant it in the way he took it. It was more of how others thought of her. Obviously, she thought more to herself or she would be dressing in a manner that represented her class. She opened her lips to say something on the matter, but closed them. G was not entirely sure how commenting on his words would be helpful.

"Why here? Why not India or the states?" She moved her free hand and grab his hand to pull it away from his beard. "You'll end up with bald spots if you keep doing that.." She wasn't sure if that was true or not, but it could be.
"Why not here? I like England and this is a fun little town." Jonathan chuckled softly and shrugged then blinked as she pulled away his hand. He stared at it curiously then glanced in her direction.

"Hm? You believe so? I always thought it helped make my beard nice and thick, like rubbing it woke up my hair." He laughed and continued walking. "Where are we going anyway?"
She simply smiled at his response. An actual conversation with a man that had so far yet to say anything about her appearance vs her work status. The great part of not being back home was not everyone here knew her. She was sure though that Mrs. Meijer was already trying to smear her name after she disappeared from the party.

"If you believe sweat and dirt are the key to growth then sure, but like any field if you over do it your product isn't going to come out like you think.. or so I've heard.." She hadn't actually been on a farm. She stayed away from livestock and plants, she hadn't even been close to a cow before.

"Oh, I am sorry, I didn't think about it until now... You must have somewhere to be" By this point they were not near any of the markets. "I could walk you to your destination." Which if any civilized person near by heard would have more likely reacted with 'well I never'.
"I do actually. I've seen more bold rich folks than the farmers who spend their years in the fields!" He grinned feeling convinced he was right even though he had fibbed as he certainly didn't know if it was true. He certainly known enough to make the statement, but that didn't make it right.

"No no, you are fine, my dear! I have no where I need to be for hours. I can spend the rest of the night walking if it means I get to beside such a pretty lady." He gave her a wink, it wasn't mean to be suggestive, but more playfully flirtatious which was his usual way of thinking.
If it were another guy she would have stopped them in their tracks. G would have taken his fingers and bend them a certain way and said 'What type of girl do you take me for'.  It is something she had done in the past on many occasions, but something about Mr. salt and pepper didn't give her that same vibe. "Don't temp me, I might just hold you to that."  She placed her arm around his slightly so that she could place her left hand on his arm, a second later her right hand moved to rest on her left hand. The feeling of his arm hair under her fingers made her look down at the ground for a moment to recollect her thoughts. "How about you show me where you work and then I will know where to call if I need rescuing"
Jonathan gave her a curious look as he considered what she said. He chuckled and waved her off. "Do not worry about it. You have seen the castle I'm sure, and it is far from here. No young woman should walk such a quiet road with a man she barely knows, it isn't safe! We will remain here in town and I will walk you home to guarantee your safety. It is the least a gentleman can do."

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