plot with beldam~

Friends: Frederick is an open-minded, open-hearted young man, especially for a deacon, and is eager to make connections in his new home. He especially likes children and is kind and welcoming to those less fortunate. I'm actually quite interested in having him interact with the poorer folks of Madsmoor, since it would be a large part of his job as parish deacon. However, as the son of an aristocratic family, he's well-acquainted with the upper classes as well. Just come say hi!

Romance: "Open-minded" is right. Freddie is gay, and crushes are commonplace for him. Throw your fellas his way and see what happens! He hasn't had much experience since the halcyon days of his youth, and certainly hasn't had much opportunity since his ordination, but Madsmoor is a brand-new village with all sorts of possibilities.

Rivals: As a man of faith, specifically of the Church of England, Freddie is likely to rub the coven (and maybe the local Catholics) the wrong way. While he's willing to read the works of philosophers and thinkers, witchcraft is definitely another matter. As well, any possible romantic liaisons he has could leave him vulnerable to blackmail.
Love the character! Kitty is an ex-wild west star who loves men, drinking, and shooting (not in that order) but has found God and believes her destiny is becoming a nun, but its not going to be easy so she will probably be going to him a lot for advice and help!

I have Elijah the constable of the small town who is completely infatuated for Gordon, but can't express himself and considers himself a good christian man. He probably goes to him a lot and could have something interesting happen or they could be just good friends.

Jonathan is my older man who is the head gardener for the Madswitte family who is bi and loves everyone and isn't shy about it (of course he can't be open about his interest in men that doesn't mean he certainly is shy about trying if he can!).  

Marina is Hecate so of course she would not like or trust him and will speak down to him if she can. They probably won't run into each other much, but if she can scam him or use him for money or something, she might try.

You can look at my characters and see that I'm sure we can come up with a lot of ideas and opportunities for characters to meet!
I have one character who is a grubby, little, eight-year-old, urchin named Noah Wickes. Since Frederick likes kids, maybe they could have a fun encounter. Though, Noah is kind of a heathen. Haha
Wayward, I think Freddie and the constable would honestly be excellent friends... a great combination of personalities, and Freddie would certainly want to help in any way he can! Same with Kitty, actually, I'm really excited to plot with both of them!

Abiona, honestly Noah was a character I had in mind to plot with from the beginning... maybe even something with Freddie trying to help him out, or trying to teach him to read or something, since as the parish deacon he'd be responsible for dealing with the less fortunate directly.
That sounds fantastic! So far Elijah's best and only friend is Sal. He certainly won't leave her friendship but it's good he'll have someone else to depend on. And Kitty too needs a friend in town and a religious guiding light since she is constantly straying off the path xD
I'd be up to playing out any of that!  :)  Noah is all over the place, so I imagine they could bump into each other just about anywhere.  He could even help Freddie find certain places or people in the village since it sounds like he's a fairly new arrival  to Madsmoor.  Maybe that could be how they meet?
Abiona, I'll start something with Freddie meeting Noah right away!
Being of a similar age, both well-educated and nice, easy-going guys, I think Oliver and Freddie could get along pretty well. I'm too lazy to plot things out on a grand scheme, but I think they ought to meet and see how things go :P

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