Find me a Find, Catch me a Catch
"Splendid!" She pitched her voice up beyond the hearing of the sharpest dog, and opened the cards up like a fan and flapped them at herself. "First, tell me what you most desire in a lady friend?" Then she un-clipped the cards from the gold loop on a chain and dumped them on the table, shuffling them around with the palms of her hands harum-scarum.
It was impossible for him to not want to glance around as he didn't come into this portion of the house. His place was outside, and he didn't mind it that way. Still, he was a very curious fellow so he took a second to drink their surroundings, but he certainly didn't waste more than a moment before returning to the lovely lady before him who was holding her unusual cards.

"What I desire?" That was a good question as he loved women just for being women. To pick one thing was very difficult. He stroked his beard as he looked in deep thought. "If I had to pick one thing I would say.. fun. I love a fun and happy lady." He grinned playfully. His blue eyes moved down to watch the cards, wondering what this unusual lady would find with her mystical ways.
"Fun?!" She cackled, what a very simple answer. Fun. "Happy, fun, no dower maids or old spinsters." The cards nearly flew off the table as she tried to make it look like she had some secret technique, trying to gather them up in a pile again. Then she hooked the top five up with her fingernail to splay them in one hand and look them over.

"Hmm. Very telling." Her eyes darted over each one, then at him over the top of them. "And one, surprising. My, my..."
The older man's eyes watched her hands move the cards around. He was curious though he didn't put much stock in such things, but perhaps she would put some interesting ideas in his head. Besides, having her outside opinion might help him with his current dry spell.

He folded his hands neatly beneath his chin and gave her his most charming smile that nearly dripped honey it was so overly sweetened.

"Tell me, what do the cards say?"
"Yes, yes, very." If she were introspective enough, she would have noticed how comparable his saccharine smile was to her own when she was doling out 'charm' like too much clotted cream. Alas, she felt only internal disgust, her stomach clenching. But none was let on, of course. "You know, my Christian name is for the ancient diviners of Greece," She said proudly, "the Sibyls. These cards are said to be those used by those very Sibyls." And it was true; as far as her grandmother had said, anyway. "Your fortune boasts of great accomplishments in your future."

"Your fortune boasts of great accomplishments in your future." She set down the first card, depicting a lady in papal dress. "Is called the Popess. She says you are destined for a woman who is virtuous." The second, a moon with a dog baying at it. "The Dog Moon. It indicates that you have been with... well, you can imagine, those women who have been called dogs." The forth, a small dance card that had the name 'Hugo Bouger Fabreau' scrawled on it. "This..." She hesitated, as if she were making it all up on the spot. Which was preposterous, "Is for... it means that you are either to see a man about a dance or you are to attend a ball soon and dance with women." Yes, she seemed satisfied enough with that. Then the final, the fifth, was a card with three goblets. "And this says you will drink with a merry woman."

Shoving the rest of the deck to one side, she folded her hands on the table and smiled expectantly.
"That is fascinating, truly.. You really answered your calling in life, it seems. " Jon kept up his smile and nodded. "Those cards are a treasure then, I'm sure they will speak the truth."

He watched, taking notice how well her fingers moved the cards around and then picked his. He wasn't quite sure he believed her words but the older man knew better than to react in such a way. It's not how a gentleman treated a lady if her heart was in the right place.

Her comment on the ladies that enjoyed his company had him waving a finger. "Now now, all women are wonderful. Though I suppose I understand what the card is getting at. I have loved many women of many ways of greatness." His smile seemed to become dreamy as he remembered an odd memory before returning to the present.

Immediately the last card drew his attention. His face lowered in thought and he rubbed his beard. It was different from the rest but the words. A man for dancing or dancing with women? Both could be very fun and he liked that idea.

"Oh I do love this fortune. Is there any way I can hope to make sure it comes true? You are my step into the world of the spiritual, dear lady. I would love to take your advice if you are willing to bestow it upon such a simple man as myself."
She cackled, "How blindly you cast all women as good! Refreshing." Stuffing the unused card pile into her reticule. "I would hardly call it spiritual, merely... guiding. Like reading the clouds for the weather or the turn of the wind for the sail." Sibyl gave him a pitying smile, "I can help. Mark my word. Tell me, how often do you bathe?"

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