Find me a Find, Catch me a Catch
"Splendid!" She pitched her voice up beyond the hearing of the sharpest dog, and opened the cards up like a fan and flapped them at herself. "First, tell me what you most desire in a lady friend?" Then she un-clipped the cards from the gold loop on a chain and dumped them on the table, shuffling them around with the palms of her hands harum-scarum.
It was impossible for him to not want to glance around as he didn't come into this portion of the house. His place was outside, and he didn't mind it that way. Still, he was a very curious fellow so he took a second to drink their surroundings, but he certainly didn't waste more than a moment before returning to the lovely lady before him who was holding her unusual cards.

"What I desire?" That was a good question as he loved women just for being women. To pick one thing was very difficult. He stroked his beard as he looked in deep thought. "If I had to pick one thing I would say.. fun. I love a fun and happy lady." He grinned playfully. His blue eyes moved down to watch the cards, wondering what this unusual lady would find with her mystical ways.

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