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Eugene is 34 and the (pending)Stablemaster at Moorland Manor.

Friends; Befriend the quiet, mysterious horse guy! Eugene is actually a really nice bloke, despite what his history might suggest. He's entirely honest in his want to settle down and live a quiet life, so it shouldn't be too hard to scrape off the grumpy and gruff exterior and wriggle you're way into his jaded heart.

Lovers; Eugene is bisexual, and as such I'm pretty open when it comes to romantic options for him. I'm leaning towards another man, and preferably a younger lover, who can kind of goad and tease this grump out of his shell. Eugene thinks that making any romantic connections (especially ones with the same sex) is a very bad idea. Obviously we have to prove him wrong.

Rivals; I feel like this is the most obvious. Eugene is living under a false identity, and his past crimes are pretty serious. So far, no one has any idea he is anything other than who he say's he is, but that could change. Perhaps you character figures it out, or they share some common history. I don't want to ruin his life right off the bat, so let's not let it get out just yet, but some blackmailing could be fun, or perhaps even a mutual "I won't tell if you don't" agreement. Could be fun.

Annnd that's it for now. Stay tuned though, I plan to have more beautiful characters very soon. And make sure you reply or message me so we can plot!
I love the character! I can imagine him running into Molly and both somehow realizing they were both using a secret identity and were on the run from something.

He might have met Sean though he is a footman so he's more indoors. Jonathan is a fun loving old guy who is groundskeeper so they could have talked as well.
Since he and Kitty are from America it could be interesting one of them is aware of the other. She saw his wanted poster or he saw her show. It could be positive or negative.

As for a lover present or past, while a couple could work they all have plans even if nothing solid . Well except Elijah the constable, he's only a few years younger and has burn scars. He is already pining for a guy who won t give him the time of day and is liked by a girl who is his best friend that he doesn't see. If you want them to do something temporary that lets them both realize bits about themselves . Could even be something that ends up messy that they don't want to admit they knew each other to other people and could work on fixing their friendship or what not after we figure out what'll happen to our characters ? =)

Dr. Oliver Dietrich is the town physician/surgeon, so he is available if you need a doc! I'm not sure how much he'd be interested in digging up Eugene's past, though, Oliver knows better than to pry too hard as a doctor. Oliver is interested in digging up bodies, which is an untoward hobby in a town this small.

Lucy Plumey, however, is a monster Eugene might want to look out for. She LOVES getting the dirt on people and leveraging them. She is a terrible gossip, insecure, and loose with her morals so... bad news. She is a great catalyst for when you want Shit To Go Down.


First of all - welcome!

I have several characters at the castle. Feilim Neill works for Eugene lol. He is a stable boy. I haven't done too much with him but I'm open for threads with him. :)

Lilly Dobble is a housemaid. Rob Allan is a gardener. Philomena Murzuran is one of the ladies of the house. James Carlyle is a reporter, a house guest, trying to write a story about ghosts. James would not be above flirting with Eugene. He is bisexual too but wouldn't be one for anything really romantic or serious (plus he is theoretically there just for a short while). Rob is also bisexual but already has too many entanglements in his life LOL.

Anyway, please let me know if you feel like having a thread with any of them, or any of the others I have elsewhere. Here is a link to my plotter:

Ghost- Lucy could be fun I think! Maybe not to dig up his secrets straight away, because I don't doubt she'd make him suffer. Maybe they could meet, and Eugene could figure out very quickly to be careful around her and not mess with her, unless he wants all his dirty deeds to be dug up. Do you have any idea where/how they would meet?

Gil- I'd love to thread with Feilim! I can imagine Eugene would take him under his wing a bit, and teach him what he knows. Do you have any idea on a way to get them together for a thread?
Oh, gosh, I feel like Freddie and Eugene would be a fine match, romantically. Freddie is very sweet and playful and while he's never had any experience with men beyond boyhood experimentation, he falls in love very easily, and who better to fall for than a mysterious stablemaster?
Totally, we don't want to let the cat out of the bag right away! XD They both work at the manor, so they could cross paths while Lucy is making food or bringing him food out to the stables or something. Maybe she drops some hot gossip about someone else and he can be like 'oh damn, better stay away from this bitch'. :P

With my young Lord, Oliver staying at the castle it could be interesting for him to meet with Eugene. Oliver has not ridden much due to his poor health, but he might be interested in finding out if there's a slow/old/reliable horse he can go for a bit of a plod on. Oliver also could do with some company and he probably gets along with most people, regardless of rank/position.
Bumpity Bumpity! Looking for more threads for dear Eugene!
We are starting some threads with people trapped in a blizzard. if you want to have him stuck in a group I think it's more than welcome! or if you want one on one, Let me know. I have lots of characters and up for almost anything!
Hey, I finally have some time to plot with new folks! Émil is the groom, so it's fairly likely they'll be seeing each other often, so I'd love to do something with them if you're into it!
i'd definitely like to thread! Do you have anything particular in mind?
Hmm well how long has he been employed at the manor? (unless you already mentioned that and my reading comprehension is at it again) Cause if he is new then a standard intro thread could be good, and if he's been there a while then Émil would likely have had a drink with him at the tavern a few times, or at least invited him to XD
He's been at the manor for 12 years, and stablemaster for probably 5 or 6, so they definitely are familiar with each other already. I could see Eugene popping out for a beer on his day off :) Would you like to start something up or should I?
Ah wow it's right there in his profile :/ my apologies! But yes, I think a good ol tavern thread will work. Émil also has a shady crime past, so maybe that can be revealed in due time and they can... bond over that. Also, if Eugene's been around that long, it's very likely that Émil has tried to flirt with him, he's more used to the gay scenes in France and London where he was more overt and hung out with sex workers and such. But since Eugene's his boss, he'd tone it down a lot but he's too impulsive to not try at least a bit. If that part is interesting to you, then it might be fun to do a thread in Memoranda set in the past when Émil first came to the manor (He's not been there as long, maybe around 5 years so around when Eugene became stablemaster?).

If you have an idea to start something then please do!

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