Sticks and Stones
Ed had been holding the heavy load so he was surprised when the smaller boy wanted to carry. He looked him over suspiciously as he wasn't sure the weak looking boy could manage. He gave a shrug as he decided to not worry and pushed a bushel into his arms. " 'Ere, since ya wanna be all 'elpful and the like!"

He gave the boy a huge toothy smile. "Ah it'll be. If'n ah can get that broth'r o' mine ta join in. Ah was thinkin'..." he looked side to side then leaned in to whisper to him. "We break inta tha' fancy 'ouse. The big one that loads work in. Always been curious wha it looks like on the inside. We just go aft'r ours an' dun get caught."
Noah took the bundle and awkwardly cradled it in his arms.  Although he appeared as if he may drop it, the smaller boy seemed to manage since he was rather accustomed to everything being designed for persons much larger than himself.  He'd become rather well-practiced at adapting.  He gave Ed a proud sort of grin and continued to wander along next to him.

When Edward started to whisper, he rose up a little on his toes to better hear.  "Wha'?"  He blurted out suddenly, eyes growing round as saucers.  "Y'mean t' one all them rich people live in?"  Eyes shifting from side to side, he murmured out somewhere between awe and fear, "Flippin' 'eck."

Licking his lips, he paused, attempting to summon up some sort of bravery so he wouldn't look like some sort of wimp.  "I 'eard they 'ave so many rooms tha' t' 'ole town could fit!"  He inclined his head in its general direction, "'N they 'ave so much dosh tha' everythin' be made o' gold!"  Well, that was likely a stretch, but he was young enough to believe it.  

Shuffling his feet, he murmured, "Wha' if they catch us?"
Edward just gave him a nod when the runt was able to hold the bundle. He didn't give praise easy or it would become expected. He trudged the way towards his house but paused to hold up a finger in a quick shushing motion. "Ok! Keep it down, will ya? Ya wan' th' ole bloody town t'hear?! "

He dramatically looked side to side , though he knew no one cared what he said or did as long as it wasn't bothering them. Finding themselves not overheard , he started to walk. His head nodded to Noah , "Yeah, I reck'n all tha is true. We are gonna fin out ain't we? " 

He rolled his eyes and huffed looking annoyed. "What'll they do? Call tha const'ble on us? He's a bit of a wandought right? " He laughed softly and slowed as he saw his house coming up. "They ain' gonna lock us in a dungeon or nothin'. We'll be fine. You trust me, right? If not, ya can just..stay home with yer stupid cat."

He glared slightly as if the boy would turn and leave. Ed also wondered if he would see that cat again. Perhaps he could feed it and take it home to be his. His mom couldn't be angry if she didn't know about it.
Noah sucked in a gulp of air and his lips with it.  He quickly glanced about to be sure nobody was eavesdropping, taking Ed's shushing very seriously.  If they were heard now, they'd be caught for sure!  Although he was like Edward in the fact that nobody cared much for what he did or said, he still feared getting into trouble.  Unlike the older boy, he didn't have family; he could be sent off to a workhouse or an orphan asylum.  That was his biggest fear.

He paled at the mention of the constable, but he tried to pretend like he wasn't nervous.  After all, he wanted Ed and his brother to like him and not think he was just some sort of wimpy baby.  "Aye, 'e's a git."  Even though he didn't think Elijah was too terrible.  Noah started to squirm a bit.  He didn't trust Edward, not even slightly.  Even he could tell the venture reeked of disaster, and he was a terrible judge of consequences.

"He ain't my cat.  I jus' take care of 'im"  And all the other strays.  He hadn't even realized he'd blurted it nor that he'd done so to give himself a moment to gather his courage and formulate a real answer.  "A...aye.  I trust ya."
Edward gave an exaggerated groan as he dropped his bundles on a small stack of loose sticks at the side of the house. He stretched his arms and then waved his hand for Noah to do the same with his own load. He rubbed his shoulder because it had been heavy but acted like it was more for show than necessary.

His eyes stayed on Noah with a bit of a discerning look. Finally he nodded and looked away as he started to walk to the front of the house and poked his head through a window to peak in. His father was there, drunk as usual but fully awake. This soured his expression and he immediately turned to walk back to the village with his hands stuffed into his pockets. "Da' righ'. He's tha bloodies' git! Always in our way! Can' do 'is job an catch real crim'nals or noth'n. "

Edward shook his head and stomped to the market to see if there was any good food to steal and then grinned at Noah. His perfect little accomplice. "Good. Ya trus' me an' do wha' I say an' maybe I won' make fun o' ya for yer cats!" He laughed loudly and kicked a rock into a stand to knock off something breakable. It got the woman who was selling her old cheap dishware running after them. He grabbed Noah's collar to pull him along as he ran, quickly reaching out to swipe a large fruit danish he saw on the edge of a table at another stall. He ducked around a corner and grinned ripping about a third off to give to Noah.

"See? You do wha' I say an' you can ne'er go wrong!"
Noah unwound his arms from the bundle he carried and unceremoniously plopped it onto the pile Ed had already started.  He was a bit more subdued and merely flailed his arms about a few seconds before letting them drop to his sides once more.  Loitering on the spot, he watched Ed pace to his house and back; he didn't want to intrude.

When it seemed the older boy was headed back to the marketplace, he scurried along after him.  A dubious expression was stuck on his face when he heard Ed's commentary about trust and cats.  He seemed somewhat distracted by it, so he wasn't completely expecting the rock distraction.

The kid's eyes widened, and he stumbled along as he was dragged through the marketplace by his collar.  He nearly fell over himself when the stopped.  He nearly blurted out something terrible, but the danish had him quiet again.  He grinned and reached out for it.

"Ta."  Well, maybe it wouldn't hurt to listen to Ed just a little bit.  Especially if it made his life easier.  "W...well, okay."
When a scheme, no matter how small, went right. Ed felt on top of the world. He was the king of thieves, a man with the world in his pocket. It swelled his ego and put a huge grin on his face. He leaned against a wall as he ate.

"See? No one's better at takin' care of themselves than me! Give it time. By the time I'm a man, I'll have this whole town 'n tha palm o' me 'and!"

He devoured the pastry, eating it quickly and ravenously. The boy would never admit the last time he'd eaten had been too long ago. What did matter was that when he was hungry, he ate. "Mmm not bad."
While Ed gloated, Noah peered around the corner, wanting to be sure they weren't pursued.  He was a bit more paranoid than the older boy and tended to prefer the shadows.  Though, if he was to choose to hang around the Seymour boys, he wouldn't be so hidden anymore.

"Ye will?"  He questioned and then glanced about before he lowered his voice, "Better git rid o' tha' Elijah Crane first."  Since, in his mind, the constable seemed to be the biggest obstacle at the moment between Edward and his dreams.

He crammed his entire share of the pastry into his mouth, appearing as if he wasn't going to even bother chewing.

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