There is a Wasp in the Parlor
It was a cold day and the clouds were dark. Akal felt in his bones that the rain was coming soon. It was why he was so startled when he heard a knock  at the door. He hadn't expected anyone to come calling on such a day. The servant was quick to answer though. As he opened the door, his large brown eyes came upon the strange woman. She stood with such importance and a sense of  impatience. Her time was valuable and she would make others pay for it, if she could was the sense the quiet man could get from her. It made him cower more as he opened the door and bowed, keeping his head low. 

"A-are you here to..." he didn't get to finish as the woman immediately asked if this was where she could see the lawyer. He knew she was there for his master. Her cutting him off didn't seem to be against him, but a matter of impatience, and quickness to the point. He nodded and let her in and lead her to the parlor as he hurried to get his master. 

He was up the stairs, two at a time and took a second to catch his breath before his eyes fell upon his employer and lover. "S-sir.. there is a woman downstairs to see  you. I.. don't know who she is.. but she seems important.. and.. impatient.." His voice lowered as he spoke until it was a whisper. The way his eyes darted to the stairs showed his worry at this new guest. He didn't like her one bit, but he knew it was important his master received all the clients he could get.
Lawrence looked up, a smile on his face, and in his heart, that, unfortunately was not present in his mind, as he tore his ruminations away from the accounts book he was reviewing. Things were…dire…to put it bluntly. His predecessor had run the practice straight into the ground, and then let it die a long, slow, lingering death from neglect. It was far worse than he had suspected when they had first moved in. If he did not somehow increase the business of the practice – and soon – they might well all be out in the street by the turn of the new year. And that would put him in a very compromised financial situation indeed.

But the presence of his love truly warmed his heart, for here was a man who would stick by him through thick and thin, as he had done these past years. Lawrence smiled at Akal and listened to his announcement of an unlooked for visitor. His eyebrows rose as Akal described a woman of importance – at least as far as the impression she had made on his rather timid partner – and Lawrence rose with alacrity. ”Well then, let’s not try her patience and I shall go down to her immediately.”

He moved to Akal’s side, placing a tender kiss to that darker brow, and said, ”She must be impatient indeed, if she had not time to even give her name. Perhaps she wishes to remain…anonymous.” It was a joke. But there had been times that his…discretion…had been specifically requested by a client who had secrets which they did not care to share with the world.
In the parlor, the woman had not bothered to sit just yet. She wanted to see the lawyer before saying anything. If he looked like he was incompetent, she would walk away. The lady had heard good things, but she knew how easy it was to take credit for another or to get by on luck . Besides, it had been a few years it seemed since he'd worked in the country, anything could have changed.

Her head turned to see him enter with his exotic house servant. She didn't see the quick kiss they'd shared before coming into the room, just the man come swiftly and politely. A point in his favor, she would certainly admit.

She swept across the room as elegantly as she could muster and offered her hand to his with a charming smile. Her eyes moved over him, analyzing every thing about him, from the wrinkles in his clothing to how well swept his hair was. He was not expecting her and that was how she preferred it. She wanted him to have no time to prepare, it would give her a better idea how quick and adaptable he was.

"Ah, Monsieur Bayliss, it is good to see you face to face. I am Colette Madswitte, of the Madswitte house. I was hoping we could do business. I am in no legal trouble, I simply was hoping you could assist me with a will. But I would like to speak to you first and get to know you. I like to have a lawyer that I can trust and that I believe truly has the best interest at heart. Someone I know I can insure my assets and my children's livelihood with."

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