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"A fence might help, true. I suppose he likes things as undisturbed as possible." Shrugging, "Uhm, oh. To hunt? I... well I suppose. So long as we don't venture too far?" His stomach turned a few times, but he'd not had much company for days, it would be good to ramble about with someone who might actually answer back in English.
"Ah, yes.. I suppose that do make sense." Kitty nodded as she seemed satisfied with it and started to walk.

The red head turned back to see his hesitation and winked. "Nah, not far. After all I just need a simple bird or two dependin' on the size. I'm sure with you around, I'll have all the luck I need! Ya seem like a nice sort, Jericho, wasn't it? Don't worry, I don't want ya gettin into no trouble. We'll be in and out o' the field in no time!"

She started to walk again before an idea came to her and she looked over. "Heck, if'n ya want, and your boss don't carea bout you leaving the yard for a bit, you can always mosey on over and have dinner with me and Barnabas. We'd love to have the company!"
"If you can't find anything substantial enough, I could let a pheasant or two out, we've plenty." But he suspected she wanted to show off her skill. If she shot things on a stage for money, it was bound to be something to see. "N-no, I couldn't impose. It's lovely to offer, though." Meeting one queer stranger was enough for one day.
The ex-cowgirl shrugged with a grin. "Suit yourself! And nah, I'm sure we can find somethin'. These moors are too big for a wiley varmint ta avoid me! I'll find one, but that's a very kind offer. I guess ya'r warmin' up ta me after all!" She gave a teasing wink and walked towards the moor confidently with her guns in tow. She glanced side to side as she wondered where to begin, but suspected with a little concentration she would be able to hear the nervous fluttering of wings or a distant warning coo from a pigeon. Something to let her know that they were near.
Jericho placed the cage down and surmised it to be safe there for now. If some sort of kerfuffle were to erupt, he'd need his hands free, at least. He went toward the most likely area for bird game, though he didn't think much but garden birds would be about. "Rabbit may be best to look for." He suggested, but she seemed to be intent already in the witching rod of her own senses.
"Maybe, if they are about. But I had my heart set on bird." Kitty said, a slight tone of disappointment that she wouldn't get her way. It was swept aside as quickly as it appeared as she flashed him a huge grin.

"Not that I mind, of course. Dinner's dinner, am I right?" She walked forward and pulled her shotgun to her side to use if something were to fly up as she walked towards the thicker grass. "You're such a quiet sort, what does a guy like you do for fun around here anyway?" The cowgirl asked as she made light small talk.
The thing he did for fun, first and foremost, was visit the Hecate sisters. But that was a confidential alliance. So he had to settle for the second thing. "I like taking walks in the moor..." Following her with his hands in his pockets. "There's some animals I like to tame, and give them names." It was frightfully boring to say aloud, "I drink at the tavern..." But that was rare, but it sounded more exciting, more befitting of the average bloke?
"Yar a real, veritable animal tamer? That's amazin! I guess that explains why you came out here with yer fancy cage. You probably got friends all over tha moor!"

Kitty grinned huge and looked around before sighing and putting her gun at her side. "Well now I'll feel like a low down piece of swamp scum if'n I were ta accidentally shoot one of your friends." She rubbed the back of her neck looking away. She perked up and pointed at him. "I'll go fishin instead. But you owe me. How's about you pay by givin' me company one day at the pub and I'll buy ya a drink. "

She quickly held up her hand. The woman didn't need him thinking the wrong thing.

"It's not a date. I ain't courtin if'n I can help it. I just could use a few friends in a strange town, ya know?"
He tried to reply a few times but she was too quick. Was it common for Americans to speak so quickly and with so little breath in between?

Instead he sort of tilted and nodded his head around vaguely, trying to process each topic. "Fishing, well, there's a lake outside the village limits... The ones I tame are on the grounds, it's really not a..."

The last person to buy him a drink had been Captain Sandoval. And that was heavily loaded with innuendo. Which had been confirmed the night after or so. How strange for a woman to do such asking! But he found it endearing, admirable. The foibles of courtship he would never partake in, but to be approached by a foreign stranger with intent of friendly accord was flattering.

"I could use friends too. Thank you."

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