Content Warning Duck Season
"A fence might help, true. I suppose he likes things as undisturbed as possible." Shrugging, "Uhm, oh. To hunt? I... well I suppose. So long as we don't venture too far?" His stomach turned a few times, but he'd not had much company for days, it would be good to ramble about with someone who might actually answer back in English.
"Ah, yes.. I suppose that do make sense." Kitty nodded as she seemed satisfied with it and started to walk.

The red head turned back to see his hesitation and winked. "Nah, not far. After all I just need a simple bird or two dependin' on the size. I'm sure with you around, I'll have all the luck I need! Ya seem like a nice sort, Jericho, wasn't it? Don't worry, I don't want ya gettin into no trouble. We'll be in and out o' the field in no time!"

She started to walk again before an idea came to her and she looked over. "Heck, if'n ya want, and your boss don't carea bout you leaving the yard for a bit, you can always mosey on over and have dinner with me and Barnabas. We'd love to have the company!"
"If you can't find anything substantial enough, I could let a pheasant or two out, we've plenty." But he suspected she wanted to show off her skill. If she shot things on a stage for money, it was bound to be something to see. "N-no, I couldn't impose. It's lovely to offer, though." Meeting one queer stranger was enough for one day.

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