Closed Peas in a Murky Pod
Grateful to be back, Sean trembled, hugging his thin frame that was soaked to the bone and chilled to his very core. His teeth chattered as he had gotten Lily safely back and was now trying to walk quietly though the large mansion, the muddy boots left at the door to be cleaned in the morning. He tried to keep the dried grasses and clumps of moor that clung to his clothing and skin from crumbling off of him as he made his way. He paused as he heard something and saw a light. 

He was tired and wanted to rub at his eyes. He'd already made that mistake once and felt the sting from grinding in the sand and who knows what into his eyes. His hair felt stiff and slick against his scalp and neck as he craned his head to see who it was. Upon seeing the visage of his fellow footman, Felix, he turned red, glad that he couldn't see it. 

"Ah.. g-good evening. What are you doing up so late? I was just about to have.. a .. bath." he said softly, the humiliation of being seen in such a state making some of the chill from the moment leave, but it was only briefly. He could only image how ridiculous he looked, and prayed that the man before him that he hadn't had the chance to really speak to wasn't one to spread rumors or joke at his expense.
Often, Felix felt as though nature had made him a nocturnal creature by birth. If nothing else, he had grown accustomed to spending more time awake in the evenings and through to the early morning, when the cities' came alive with the shows, and the clubs in which he had so pleasantly occupied himself. And while it was fun to go down to the local pub, he still had a job which required him to rouse early in the morning. And was reconciled to that, mentally. It was only that physically Felix was having trouble adjusting to actually sleeping at night. Even with nothing to do.

After spending over an hour trying to sleep, and an hour reading Byron, Felix had decided to go to the kitchen to make himself a nightcap. Preferably alcoholic but that would require more effort. And then . . .

for one horrifying moment, in his exhausted state, Felix believed he was witnessing some ghastly creature from the bog. Possibly the mummy that his father had found. Then he knew it wasn't, but a man covered in muck. Only when he spoke did Felix realize it was Sean, and sigh heavily, relaxing.

"I couldn't sleep, so I thought perhaps a nightcap would help matters." Brows furrowing slightly as Felix wondered how the other Footman had come to find himself in such a state. "Is everything all right, Sean?"
Sean looked away embarrassed and nodded. "Ah, I went for a stroll in the moor at night. It's fairly embarrassing. Other than a slight sprain I think in my ankle I am just dirty and very cold and wet."

He tried to smile though it was next to impossible to see. He nodded to him as he moved slowly towards the steps. "I hope it does the job  It can be quite a chore to sleep when the body simply won t allow it."

He was about to go up the steps when a thought occurred to him. He shuffled to get back to Felix's view.  His eyes were down as he did nit want to ask but it didnt hurt to , he hoped .

"I know you wish to sleep and it isn't polite or professional to ask but... I am filthy. Could you perhaps draw my bath for me? I will only make everything more filthy by touching it. I swear I will make it up to you by some favor in the future. Take over your tasks for a day on my time off or something. I know I am at a strong disadvantage and you are not required to.."

He looked up softly and resisted the judge to timidly rub his arm and make a bigger mess.

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