Plotting With Rosa
So I only have one girl right now and her name is Nellie Peirce. She's a 16-year-old Kitchen maid who just started at the estate. She's young, carefree, a good cook, sweet, tender-hearted, polite, try's very hard, and slightly nieve. She needs literally everything. She's just a young country girl just starting her life away from her parent's farm. She needs friends, enemy's, maybe someone can flirt with her and since she's nieve she really won't understand what that means. What every your ideas are I want to hear them!
I have Feilim here and he is a stable boy, also 16. He could develop a crush on her if you like. But I think he'd be all awkward about it LOL.

I also have Lily Dobble, an upstairs maid, and she is a bit older than Nellie but she is cheerful and friendly and they could be buddies. :)
Okay, so I love the idea of Feilim and Nellie developing crushes on each other and being awkward. I think her having a crush on him would make her go super quiet for the first time in history!

I read Lilly and I think they should be friends! I noticed she reads penny dreadfuls and thought something that could be fun for them to do is if she got Nellie into reading. Nellie can read but her parents didn't waist to much money on books.
Great :D If you wish to begin a thread for Nellie and Feilim, perhaps she can be going out to the stables to locate the chicken coop, to fetch in some eggs? Or if you like, Feilim can be coming into the kitchen for something?

Maybe we could say Nellie and Lilly share a room? And that way Lilly can share her penny dreadfuls with Nellie and help her to read any parts that are difficult (although Lilly herself isnt a great reader lol). Plus the subject matter might have been considered "inappropriate" for young ladies back then (though quite innocent really) so there is the added lure of doing something "daring" in reading them!
Heya!  Between my two characters, Nellie would know Lucy best.  She is the undercook, and a bit older.  There are not many good things I can say about Lucy.  XD  I'd be down to play a bit of a villain for you, Lucy could pick on Nellie a bit, she can be a bit petty and manipulative and loves holding power over people.  If not, Lucy can also just be a bad influence in general.  Sneaking her wine and smokes, and convincing her to steal stuff.

[Image: tumblr_nhkj60lTBb1u3righo4_500.gif]

My other character is Dr. Oliver Dietrich.  He's a surgeon and his son is a footman at the manor.  Hit me up if you need doctor-y stuff.  XD
I love the idea of Lucy being a little of both, like, her picking on Nellie but Nellie being too kind-hearted and assuming it's just her trying to teach Nellie how to be better at her job and then her being shocked to find that while nellie is sweet and nieve she does know how to drink and some really fun and rude drinking songs and just being like "....its like watching a bunny swear"
As for the good doctor, Nellie is working in the kitchen I could see how an accident could end with her needing his assistance.

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