Content Warning Night Moves
Molly’s scream certainly did wonders to bring Rob out of his stupor. A lesser man might have quailed to run towards the gazebo, wherein, apparently, the unnatural blanket had once again settled – if Molly’s scream was any indication. But not Rob. Unholy, supernatural, or malicious energy or no, he bounded straight to the rescue, but had not far to go. Molly, clad only in her now somewhat ‘decollete’ clothing, came rushing out of the structure, her face reflecting her alarm, her shaking hand her fear. Rob moved quickly to wrap his arm around her protectively, his own eyes still wide with agitation, although anger was creeping in to settle beside the nervousness and sense of disbelief – for that is nature’s way – to rouse the wrath of a man who hasn’t a clue what the hell is going on. He nodded, swallowing, his Adam’s apple bobbing up and down visibly, as he stammered, ”Ah-aye, I did. Wha’ in ‘ell is’t?.”

The chilly air was still, and there was no noise, just the fact that a blanket had been flying about, of its own accord – or directed by some mischievous, unseen hand! He looked down at his lover and his manliness and rising ire forced him to say, ”Do’ee stay ‘ere, Molly, ‘n I’ll go ‘ave a look.”
Molly had flung herself into his arms to cling to the man for strength. She had never experienced anything like that in her life. She shook her head at first when he offered to go take a look, but she knew they certainly couldn't leave the remnants of their tryst there in the gazebo. Very slowly she released him, though it brought the cold back to her as it reminded her of the warmth she had just had when she held him.

"D-do be.. careful.. I'll be.. keeping an eye out. .. " She spoke softly as she looked around then at him. For what she didn't know. She certainly feared the duvet returning to animation and sweeping towards them like an aggressive bird once more.

"Are you.. sure.. you don't want me to come with you?" Her voice was soft , making it all the more clear there was no wind on that night. Everything had such an eerie calmness it felt like it was adding suspense to the situation towards something even more terrible.

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