Content Warning Night Moves
CW: sexual activity

Another chilly night – cold, in fact, for winter was on its way and Autumn was in its death throes. A cold night, and a dark one, for the moon hid behind sullen clouds of indigo, which threatened rain, or even snow possibly. A terrible night for an outdoor rendezvous, even in the shelter of the wooden gazebo, yet Rob was there, pacing with impatience, wondering if Molly would come. He thought she would. She seemed as invested in carnal pleasure we he was himself. But the night before had seen their plans go awry and there was always the possibility that the same would happen over again.

That thought had Rob gritting his teeth with frustration and pent up anger, at the two buffoons who had stood between him and the satisfaction to be had pressed against Molly’s naked body. Tonight, if she came, there would be little chance for complete nudity. They’d both freeze if they tried such a brazen lark. But he’d come prepared, at risk of getting sacked, maybe. At his feet were blankets, a pile of them, pinched from the laundry. They’d not be missed. He’d have them back before the dawn – well before – for there’d be no drowsing in each other’s arms once he’d taken his pleasure, and hopefully given as well as he got. But the covers were of wool and by far and away enough to keep them bedded down snug for howsoever long they could bear to brave the cold. Already the icy fingers of the night were tugging at his collar and cuffs, and he buried his hands deeper in his pockets and tucked his chin down, waiting, not quite patiently, but as patiently as he could, for a man so wracked with desire.
Oh how Molly wished they'd picked somewhere else. It was unbearably cold as she made her way through the wretched maze. The bit of clothing she had was not nearly enough to give her warmth and comfort. To make do, she stepped lightly and quick as she knew the way well. It didn't take long for her to find the center, by then her teeth chattered as she hugged her cloak close. Oh the foolish things she did for the man. Maybe she didn't want him angry. Maybe it was more than that.

She hurried close though it was so dark it was hard to tell if he was even there. Noticing him she nearly flung herself into his arms. Of course they we're in a dark place far from wandering eyes and he had been angry with her. What if this was a trap? She didn't want to believe it but then she didn't want to believe a family would conspire and poison a girl. She still made her way close as she watched him intently, a small smile on her face.
"I-i came. A-as... I promised.."
He saw her, probably before she could see him. For she was out under what little light there was, approaching the gazebo, whilst he was hidden in its deep shadow. He saw her as soon as she entered the center clearing of the maze, and watched her hungrily, as she came closer. He noted how she was walking fast, and then seemed to hesitate, although he put it down to simple caution on her part, with no idea that she might be wary of him. When she stopped altogether, he didn’t hesitate for even a moment. He stepped to her and pulled her close, and his mouth closed on hers as her words dies in the chilled air between them.

She was cold and he felt that with his hands, even through the material of her garments. He tried to envelope her in his arms and pressed against her as close as he could, and only pulled his lips a fraction of an inch away from hers to reply, ”Aye, as promised…” in a husky tone. ”Come…”

He lead her the two steps necessary to the make shift bed of blankets, kneeling down, her hand still in his, ready for her to join him. Even for Rob, the whole thing seemed quite rushed. Oh, he’d done it any number of times in similarly exposed and haphazard circumstances, and blithely so. Now, though, things seemed…different. Looking at her, only faintly less dark than their surroundings, unable to really see her pretty features, her sweet smile and deep blue eyes, he wished he could take her to his bed – though not his bed in a room shared with other male staff, of course. No, a real, proper bed, in a real, proper bedroom.

But he had no such thing, and so this would have to do, for now. He didn’t dare to think of the coming days, or weeks, when frost would coat all, and eventually snow as well. For once, his thoughts of the future and a girl did not involve how to wiggle his way out of whatever silly ideas she might be forming, but instead, how they could continue to court, once the really inclement weather set in.
Molly's breath escaped as he pulled her close and his lips met hers. She melted against his form and meshed her lips to his. Her body yearned for his warmth and she let him lay her upon his haphazard bedding.

Her eyes searched for his in the darkness, barely able to make them out. She pulled him down close and she kissed him again, loving the intensity that he seemed to enjoy her and Molly tried to give in turn. She wished it was not so cold and so dark as she liked looking into his face and being able to relish his body. The weather would chill any exposed flesh that she dared not give it the chance.

"I hope you did not wait long.." she spoke in a soft aroused voice as her fingers trailed along his shirt to slip under to feel his skin. The young lady did not think on what they'd do when winter came. It seemed too far and she knew better than to plan anything. It gave hope that it would come to be and as much as she enjoyed being with Robert, she was always uncertain about when it would end.
The touch of her cold fingers warmed him nonetheless, and they seemed to come together as one, seeking a mutual heat, that the other’s presence was in itself enough to spark. Just laying with her, even on the hard wood, barely softened to any notable degree by several of the blankets, made him begin to forget the discomfort of their situation. They kissed again and she then asked if he had waited long, to which he mumbled against her chill cheek, ”Nay, ‘twas nobbut a few minutes or so.”

His own hands got busy, running up and down, and then under, the light nightgown she wore under her cloak, the feel of her smooth, warm skin making him ache with need for her body. Having had some experience with taking his pleasure under less than optimal circumstances, he moved one hand to fumble at his own fly. He had wisely removed his suspenders before coming out, so only a few buttons stood between confinement and freedom. As for Molly, all he had planned was to lift the hem of her nightie and hopefully all would be accessible from that point on. It would be a restrained coupling, that was for sure. But where comfort, leisure and free range of movement were lacking, surely passion and determination could fill in the gaps.

Snuggled under the several more blankets that he had pulled up over them, it seemed tolerably warm-ish to him, but he felt obliged to ask, "Are'ee too cold? If'ee be frozed, 'ee dun 'ave t'stay." Of course, he fervently hoped that she was made of stern enough stuff, and was as caught up in the virtual heat of lust, to decline to leave.
Robert never wasted time. As he mumbled his words against her cheek his hands were already working on her body. They were determined and moved with certainty. She trembled not from just the cold as he exposed her under the blankets as she laid with him, and her own fingers admittedly were running over his chest even though it remained covered. Her lips did not bear to spend much time from his own or along the man's neck.

He quickly did discover that, like before, she did not wear anything under her gown to keep him at bay. She had been just as wishful for this encounter as him. Her blue eyes looked up at him even though it was all in shadows, and she listened to his words, smiling softly. Her hands moved to his cheeks to find his face more easily and she gave him a softer more affectionate kiss. Though she knew he was quick to temper and aggression, she wouldn't deny she found him thrilling and was growing more and more fond of him, to an unsettling degree.

"I am cold. But you are warm. I will be alright as long as I am in your arms to warm me.. It is better than any bed and blanket."
He was only half listening, not that he wouldn’t have stopped and let her go, if she had said she was too cold to stay. But his inattention to her words was a reflection only of how focused every one of his senses was, on her. Her scent, her taste, the feel of her under his fingers, against his mouth and pressed to his body. The sound of her soft sigh that escaped her lips, and his recognition of her beauty, dimmed even as it was by the night. All of it combined to muddle his head, and concentrate his energy in a location that had little to do with conscious thought or will, yet everything to do with the chemical and neurological workings of his brain. He was deep in lust, and his hands moved with a practiced speed, loosing his penis from the confines of his trousers, and wriggling them down enough to allow for some limited range of motion. Then his hands moved back to her, making the same sort of accommodations such that now they were touching, bare skin to bare skin, from waist to thighs, with only a small patch of coarse hair between their nether regions. It was but a moment’s work to search out and explore that trail that would lead to their mutual bliss, his fingers finding their way with ease, and preparing her for what was to come. As they moved and shifted and moaned and gasped, he kept his mouth to hers, with only occasional forays to her throat, or neck, or ear. With no voiced apology for his haste, his cock soon enough took the place of his fingers and he thrust inside of her, laying atop of, but careful to not crush, her delicate frame beneath his greater weight. He thrust in, again and again, the blankets threatening to slip off somewhat, but the creeping chill disregarded for the moment. One hand sought her breast, and he caressed it as he moved in and out of her warmth, his face coming eventually to be buried against the curve of her neck, his lips against her flesh, but no longer kissing. It was all he could do to breathe, his eyes shut tight, a single moan escaping him as he felt the climax he so desired almost ready to burst forth, and consume him, for those few, fleeting miracle moments.
Aside from the muffled noises of the lovers, all seemed quiet.  Not even a breeze whispered through the maze on its way to the gazebo.  Gradually, the night air seemed to take on a more wintry sort of nip, and, perhaps, if the pair allowed their attention to momentarily stray from their intimate relations, an aching sense of sorrow might have formed along with it.  A sudden movement in the air caught some of the blankets that laid atop the lovers and wrenched them back, almost as if someone had grabbed hold and tugged.  The topmost covering that was not entangled in their bodies took flight over the railing of the gazebo and sailed off in the darkness.
Exactly at the peak of his efforts, his body literally poised on the brink that in the next second would take him over the edge and see his need for release fulfilled, a chill gripped him that, even in the heated throes of lust, seemed to freeze his very marrow. It was infinitesimally brief, yet so profound as to make him gasp, from something other than carnal arousal. And in the next instant, the top most blanket went flying off of them. He had one wild moment of thinking they’d been caught out, and that it had been a human hand that had lifted the covering. Between the two phenomena, Rob paused in his thrusting, half in and half out, and his face came up, eyes blinking open, just in time to see said blanket sailing over the railing and out into the night.

Confounded, he glanced down at Molly. ”What in the ‘ell…?” he muttered.
Molly had been enjoying her time with Robert, despite the biting cold and the less than ideal conditions. Perhaps it was the company most of all that made it so pleasant that she could dismiss the situation. As she almost reached her cusp though, there was a sudden chill. She gave out a sharp cry and it wasn't from pleasure. She clung to the man over her as she looked wide eyed as the blanket had seemed to be ripped away from them by invisible hands.

"¡Qué susto!" She immediately shut her mouth as she realized her mistake. She hadn't been so shocked by something in her travels, not like this. She immediately though kept Robert close, for warmth as well as to keep her body hidden though from what she didn't know. "C-could you see? What. was that? Something.."

She knew he had to get up, even though they were still quite entangled. He had to get the blanket but the fear that came from that moment was quite strong as her eyes searched the empty darkness for any sign of what could have happened. No normal wind could have taken such a heavy blanket.
The confusion he felt over the blanket masked any real recognition that Molly had uttered something in a language Rob didn’t recognize. He did acknowledge her request though, if a bit grudgingly. He wasn’t spooked as much as he was reluctant to stop what they had literally been right in the midst of. Still, he saw the look in her face, and truly, he would not have denied her anything in that instant. He gave her a reassuring smile and said gruffly, ”Whist, now…’tis naught but a bit o’wind, I’m sure.” Even as he let the words fall, he heard how false they sounded and he saw the look of doubt, and fear, in her eyes. So as he disentangled himself from her warmth, he stroked her cheek and kissed her as he struggled to his knees, and thence to stand above her, pulling his trousers up as he went. ”Don’ worry. I’ll be right back,” he said with a confidence which that ungodly ice cold blast, and the total lack of any movement of the chill air, undermined a good deal.

As he had risen, he had solicitously pulled the covers up to Molly’s chin. Now he pulled his coat closer around him, feeling the bite of the wintry air. He first peered off, into the darkness, in the direction in which the blanket had flown. With a muttered curse, he stepped out of the gazebo and walked around, still unable to come up with any truly plausible explanation for how the blanket had come to fly off them and out onto the close cropped lawn. He bent to pick it up, after taking a good look around and seeing no-one…and nothing untoward.
Molly watched as he rose to investigate. She was surprise he was playing her night in armor, the more cynical part of her mind feeling certain he would finish at first as he had been so close. She felt the warmth of her cheeks that he seemed to bring to her and felt foolish. He was handsome and kind, but anyone could fake kindness when they wished to. How she wished to believe in the sincerity but it wasn't in her. Still, for the moment she could pretend to believe in the lie as it brought her so much joy to. It made her feel like romance could be real and genuine.

She watched him disappear into the darkness, hugging the blanket that remained very close. Her mind did wonder how it happened, as it seemed so unnatural. There had to be an explanation though. Molly started to wish he'd hurry back and they could enjoy their business a bit quicker so they could return to the comfort and safety of the manor. Her eyes searched the darkness but he had disappeared into it. Her eyes drifted up to the roof the gazebo but it was still pitch black for her so she merely waited and listened for his familiar footsteps to return.
Everything was still once more while the lovers tried to discover what had exactly happened with the blanket.  It wasn't until Robert picked the covering back up that the air took on that unbearable, face hurting chill once more.  Again, the unseen force took hold of the blanket, possibly seeming as though someone were trying to wrench it from his grasp and send it back to the gazebo.  Depending on how tightly the man held it, perhaps it would end up elsewhere.
Just as his fingers touched the covering, grasping to pick it up and return as quickly as he could to Molly, and warmth, a brain numbing cold clutched at him, again, more profoundly than even a few moments before, when the blanket had first flown off of them. Only, he knew, the intense chill had struck before their coverings were depleted, which didn’t make any sense. And now, feeling like ice had taken his very heart, his fingers lost their grip, and once again the blanket sailed away, on air still as a frozen lake. He felt the tug, but too late his fingers curled in an attempt to keep a hold of the wool. It flew, as if on wings, and this time…it flew into the gazebo, there to settle back down lightly on the girl, whilst her lover looked on agape, standing still out on the winter-stiff grass, unable for the moment to even swear, or voice any sort of cognizant, rational speech, his eyes wide as saucers, his mouth hanging open.
Molly had been sitting up somewhat though she could not see into the darkness. She listened to his foot steps the best she could hear, glad there was no wind. Then her ears did pick up the strange flapping sound, and a form huge and pale flew towards her. She let out a piercing scream before she recognized the blanket. It settled upon her as if it had never left, and she immediately threw it off, rising too her feet.

She rushed out of the gazebo, moving towards her lover as she gestured a shaky hand towards where she'd just come from. The girl didn't find the words to explain why she was frightened or even ask if he perhaps had a reasonable explanation. She just trembled and stared up at him hoping he had an answer. Her arms wrapped around herself as she shook in the cold and the strange chill of dread in her spine from the unearthly event that they had both just witnessed.

Finally her voice returned, as she said through chattering teeth. "D-did you..see.. what.. I saw?"

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