Content Warning A Sonnet
[warning: allusions of sex I guess?]

(by Ezra Maksimov, translated from the Russian with help from Felix Dietrich)

His comely eyes are hardened with a glare,
Dear puckering of brow and purséd lip.
How feeble is mine heart which pines for him,
And tremulous mine hands which long to touch.

His body undulates, his shadows deep.
His hands are warm, they comfort and relieve.
His supple form contorts and cries, undone.
My wicked incubus hast shamed mine soul.

A spirit doth awaken me from sleep,
Hath ripped me from mine golden galaxy,
The farrier of anguish and sorrow,
Percussed my dream to shatter on the floor.

This dæmon, ever haunting all my days,
Hath curséd me to love and die alone.

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