Looking for Plots? [Abiona]
I've been gone for a while, so I'm looking for new plots!

I have one character who likes to dart around town and talk to just about anyone.

Noah Wickes

He is an eight-year-old street urchin who likes to tell people he is ten.  He's always looking for odd jobs, and he's particularly good at eavesdropping and delivering messages.  He is also up for mischief!   More info!

So, I'm up for just about anything!  Someone to hire him for odd jobs, to spy, to fall victim to his mischief, befriend him, be his unknown father, etc.  I'm also willing to be a supporting player to plots.
Nice to meet you Abiona! I have a few characters but I think one of the best for your kid is my boy Edward (Eddy) Seymour. Him and his fraternal twin Freddy love causing trouble in town. Eddy might run around with him and try to lure Noah to the dark side. XD
Oh cool! Yeah, that sounds like it would be fun to create some trouble. ^^
Hi and welcome!

I have a long list of characters, and a plotter, although I've yet to add the last few of my peeps to that. But you can check that out and see if any ideas pop up. The characters I have who are most likely to encounter Noah would be:

Sal Appleton: I think she would look kindly on the boy as she herself is barely able to make ends meet for herself and her old granny. She's the type to maybe receive a note from an 'admirer' every once in a while so we could NPC something there and have Noah making the delivery. Or we might even cook something up that....she was on a friendly basis with Noah's mom and has some knowledge about who his dad is, or something along those lines...?

Fred Seymour: Twin to the above Ed, Fred is perhaps a shade less bold and I don't know how he would relate to Noah - he could be friendly with him although I can also see him trying to "lord it over" a younger street kid. They have a similarly bleak history although Fred's parents are still alive and he does have a hovel to call home.

Rob Allan: Rob works and lives at the castle but is a frequent visitor to the village - mostly hanging out at the pub. He wouldn't have any use for dirty little street urchins and so if Noah tried to steal anything from Rob or if Rob saw it or was around, Rob would certainly try to catch Noah and box his ears lol

Marinette Timms: Marinette is one of the "witches" who lives in Menka's bog. She is somewhat frequently in the village to work at the store they rent. She is an herbalist. She's very quiet (I'm saying that in actuality she has some degree of autism) and people probably find her odd and maybe a bit scary? But she would try to help someone if it was safe for her to do so, so if Noah got in a scrap and needed assistance and she just happened to be there she might intervene, or patch up a little injury.

Lawrence Bayliss: Lawrence is a solicitor and lives on the High Street. He is new to Madsmoor though and is seeking intel on its residents, mostly looking for anyone who might need his services. He has two 'unusual' servants and I am NPCing his cook, who has achondroplasia. I think if Noah encountered Lawrence the man might attempt to employ him just to be able to throw a penny his way (he has a soft heart). I don't know how Mrs. Settles, the cook, would react to Noah. She might be more pragmatic, but also might find some use for him, or alternatively shoo him away lol

I'm open to ideas so let me know if you want to try something! :)
I'd definitely be willing to have Noah deliver messages for Sal, or for her to have known his mother. That could be very interesting.

And yes on the Seymour boys! Like I said to Wayward, I think there's a lot of potential for mischief and general rp fun there.

I think Noah would probably grab up whatever job/task Lawrence threw at him. :)

I'm up for anything really. I'm just not always sure how/where to get started when I join a new forum.
Welcome Abiona :) I'd also add that Noah might be a good candidate for a thread we're doing now at the schoolhouse!
Cool :) I'll take a peek.
Hello! Finally getting around to posting officially in your plotter hooray!

Right now I only have one character as well, Catherine, who is a nurse and runs the hospital in town currently. She likely has all sorts of chores for young boys who might otherwise be up to mischief and likely pays well in food and sweets, if less so in money, (though she would give him a bit of something most likely she would be pained relinquishing it as she is always looking for more money herself to expand the hospital)  If he wanted a place to stay as well and you liked the idea of the poor boy being raised in a hospital she would likely be able to spare a bed somewhere for him to have somewhere warm to sleep :P

Other possible fun to be had:
-He can try stealing something from Catherine/the hospital. This will likely raise both her ire and pity, though she is a firm, stern woman. She is innately suspicious and good at catching lies. 
-Perhaps he can warm the jaded cockles of her heart  If he is the heartwarming sort of orphan that is :P Catherine has seen a lot and doesn't take much time for anything other than business and work so they can get up to more fun things if that is of interest
-She can attempt to give him a proper education or at least her best attempt at it. Maybe they can go on a quest to find him an age appropriate book or something 
-similarly she can try to get him looking less shabby in cleanliness, manners, or somehow magically make the time to sew him a proper outfit. 

Anyway, let me know what sort of things you are looking for for Noah as a character and if you would like to try a thread!
Sorry it took me a little bit to respond. Crazy weekend!

-Well, Noah would be more than willing to do whatever chores or errands Catherine needs, especially if there's food in the deal! lolol
-I think he would probably need to get to know/trust her a little bit before he fully stayed there more than a night. He's a bit distrustful and wary of most adults, and he is more likely to sleep in their barns or tucked away in their yard. I think he fears being sent off to live in an orphan asylum or something.
-He's pretty desperate, so it's likely he might try to steal something either from her or the hospital. I could also see someone putting him up to it...maybe someone who needs medical supplies or even an addict or something. But he has the world's worst guilty conscience, soooo I imagine she'd find out rather quickly.
-I'd be cool with her attempting to educate/civilize him. She might need some luck, though. haha

I'm cool with anything really. :) I like to go wherever rp ends up leading, so any of these ideas I think would be a good start.
No worries! It took me a while to post to you! XD
All of that sounds good to me, so we can start something and see where it goes!
Would you like me to start? Doing an errand might be an easy in to the rest of them?
Sure, if you would like to start that would be great. :) I'll reply after the weekend!
Hi Abiona! So sorry for the wait, work has been nuts! Here is the thread as promised, let me know if you need any changes!
Ennis would love to make friends with another adventurous little dirt pile. :)
That would be wonderful!
Julian would not mind at all a run in with the lad. The old man loves kids, and has quite a few tales of adventure, or maybe they could get into some mischief together? He's really a child at heart. If you  have any ideas toss them my way!

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