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Molly saw the slight smile to Lucy's face and it made her smile more, though she made sure her eyes looked slightly through her, giving her a very blank look. She was happy, that's what Lucy thought and it was good to have a friend who thought so little of her. No one expected much of Molly, and she would be useful to Lucy if needed. If it was something scandalous enough she could use it against her later if she found herself in trouble. She doubted that would come in such a out of the way place.

A quick , emphatic nod as Molly's eyes lit up slightly. "Oh yes, Lucy. You are so very clever. That sounds like a good plan..though.. I do not know if he would do such a thing. If he does though, I will take your advice. " The younger woman laughed lightly . "Thank you, I will! I hope the best for you too. You deserve a handsome man you can have wrapped around your clever fingers." She glanced off thinking she had to go and looked back. "I best check on the young miss. I will talk to you later..." She turned to go, having had a good time talking to the undercook.

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