New: Character Types, Abolition of Canons, Claim Revamps, and More!
  • All Compendium threads have been updated!

  • Introducing our new feature, (found in Edit Profile in your User CP) Character Types! This field is intended to delineate between characters that are your primary focus, characters that serve a more plot-specific purpose, or characters that are basically NPCs, but ones that you'd like some more permanent control and ownership over. This is an optional feature, so if you'd rather not use it, just set all your IC accounts to 'Primary', and you can continue on as normal. Otherwise, select from Primary, Supporting, or Background to specify.

  • We have removed canons from the board. The characters are still there and available to play if not already taken, but their status as characters above the importance of OCs has been deescalated. To check them out, simply visit our Want Ad Submission thread to see who's open.

  • We have also removed the Claim List, in favour of a new Position Claims list, which shows domestic staff positions as well as other types of claims relevant to various subplots, old and new. No claims have been removed from your character, they are just listed in a different way now. For instance, visitors to the castle are now listed as occupying specific rooms (of which you can request I change, I just chose randomly for now). To claim one now, just post in the thread with which type and the name of the character in question, similar to the Face Claims thread.

My apologies for piling on all of these new features in one evening. TF and I have been contemplating how best to implement everything this past month and it's only now that I've had the mental strength to get it all done. Please let us know if you have any questions!
Updated to just include everything.
Both the hospital and theatre now have their own subboards in Madsmoor Village!
Added a schoolhouse forum!

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