Kel was impressed by Rob's bold first moves, and delighted to see that Felix felt as keen to play along. "Don't have to be..." he countered, "feelin wick and night's barely begun, lads." He glanced about and felt fairly confident that they could find solitude easily. "Could nip back to th' manor for a tea..." And with any luck, use of Felix or Rob's bedroom. But that was at the peak of his hopes. "Or nip for more nips. In th'cellar..."
Rob could easily sense the convergence of thought amongst the three of them, and he continued grinning, lifting one eyebrow. ”Well then, I say we ta’ this celebration back t’castle ‘n’ find sommat t'keep’on celebratin’ wi’.” His weather tanned cheek was flushed, but if that was due to Felix’s kiss, or the amount of beer and brandy he’d already consumed, it would be hard to parse out. But he didn’t even wobble as his boots turned towards Madswitte, hopefully with his two chums in tow.

Inspired by his success of the evening, and hoped for success to come, he broke out into a warbling little ditty, sometimes called The Ball of Kerrimuir, although Rob seemed to be changing up some of the words as he went along.

There were dancin’ in t’meadows
There were dancin’ in t’ricks
Ye could nae here t’ fiddler
For the bangin’ o’ t’pricks

T’bride was in t’parlor
Explainin’ t’the groom
Tis t’cunny, nae t’arse
Is the entrance to the womb

The queen was in t’parlor
A’eatin’ o’bread ‘n’oney
T’king was in t’footman
‘N ‘e be in t’money

It seemed he was in a right jolly mood…
For awhile longer, he remained flushed with spirits and lust, blushing and laughing at the lyrics to Rob's song, and daring a pat to Kel's bum before nearing too close to the Manor. Yet as their amorous trio made their way through the servant's entrance, and down to the wine cellar, a pall of trepidation crept over him once more. 

While Felix felt himself free to touch them here, more so than he had all evening, he instead drew away, lighting the oil lamp and perusing the wine shelves for a vintage that might be little missed. Hoping Kel or Rob would make the first overture, giving him some indication of where the night might lead.

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