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Entirely aware of Kel's appreciative gaze, entirely thrilled by it, Felix could not resist a moment's indulgence to show off for him- caressing his own thigh, around his hip . . . before crawling into bed next to him and turning his finger's attentions to Kel, straddling him, stroking Kel's legs eagerly.
He watched his hands trailing over his body and nearly did drop the bottle, corking it quickly and setting it on the nightstand. Holding Felix's waist as he crawled on top of him, stroking over his stomach and the small of his back. Still dimly aware of the nerves in terms of performance, and hoped Felix wouldn't be disappointed in the experience.
Moaning softly at Kel's touch, Felix leaned in to kiss Kel's neck, allowing his lips, his tongue, to drift down his lover's chest, kissing along his collarbone. "Are you ready?"

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