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Kel aided the foisting of the box, though struggled to match the reach of Rob's longer arms. Peering down as the ghost of some dead sod's missing breakfast brew met its naked final fate. It was queer to find the end of this venture a mere source of scrapping some metal and wood for a-kindlin' or mending a hole in a fence. But not everything was murder n' ghosts, he supposed.

It was difficult not to make a jibe at the concept of Robbie and secrets. He kept his mouth shut but he tried to give him a coy eye.
Rob had grabbed the shovel and began to pitch in the loose dirt over the moldering bags of tea. He glanced at Eldridge as the man spoke, and opined, ”Bury 'im? Nay, I don’ ha’ any use for’t, ‘n seems a waste o’ time. Let’im burn, whatever wood we can get off'm.” He glanced at Kel to see if he was of the same mind, and caught Kel looking at him, rather oddly. Rob forgot the box for the moment, as he returned that look, one eyebrow cocked just a bit, as if to ask What? His eyes then slid to Eldridge and he added, ”If ‘ee like, Mr. Eldridge, me’n Kel can carry t’box over t’shed ‘n knock ‘im all up there. Less muck t’clean up ‘ere then.”

If he had an ulterior motive for removing himself and the other young gardener from the boss’ presence, it would hopefully not be apparent.
Jonathan eyed the two before giving a small shrug. He nodded and brushed his hands together to remove the bits of dirt that clung to his palms and headed to investigate the work in the rest of the expansive grounds.

"Sounds good then. I will be back to check on it. I'm sure you boys won't let me down."

He cracked a grin before whistling as he walked away. Considering to look for Jericho and see what he ended up doing with that fox.

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