Plot with Wayward
I have many characters and I love plots!
Molly Bloom is the nurse. She is always in a world on her own and next to impossible to predict. While she is good at watching the kids, when she has free time she can be found almost anywhere. Normally she likes to keep to herself but she never would walk away from someone . I would love to see what ideas people can come up with for her. She is easy to use and mislead , within reason as she is quite aware of what's really going on around her. So the options are nearly endless.

Jonathan Eldridge is my older sex beast. He hates sleeping alone so it isn't hard to see him trying to hit on ladies in town or attempting to flirt with women of the castle. He has hit on a man or two when drunk, as it makes a good excuse and he is almost always drunk if he isn't working. He loves his job as head gardener as it gives him lots of fresh air, and he always loves telling a strange tale of his extraordinary journeys.

I have Sean Callahan! Proper and polite for the family, the rest of the time he's a cheerful sort but normally keeps to himself. He loves to go ghost hunting. While he's somewhat shy of hanging around others,  he's always happy to take anyone along who might be interested!

Edward Seymour is the twin brother of Frederick Seymour. They are a couple of no good boys who are always up to trouble and running wild to avoid the troubles of their crowded home life. He is outgoing and loves to talk a big game, keeping any doubts to himself.

Elijah Crane is the somewhat awkward constable of the small town. He secretly longs to have had what it took to work in the big city, but he likes being home again. He avoids thinking about the trauma of his youth where he lost his parents and is always trying to prove himself as a capable police officer. He fails more often than not, but he's a good man and tries to make his town a better place.

Kitty Calamity is a spitfire from the US who used to run around in a wild west show. She knows her way around guns, horses, liquor, and men but has had to settle down a lot due to an accident. The woman has found god and is trying to make a new life as a nun, she's got a long way to go and is always walking the line to some good old sinning (don't ask about all of the liquor hiding in the church). She has a good heart and is sincerely trying even if she is weak to having fun.

Pony McBride is my new boy in town. He is a snakeoil salesman but has a kind smile and always a kind word so you don't notice when he is robbing you blind. The man loves looking for a pretty face but he is more pulled to the coppers in their pockets and has no problem draining a town dry and moving on.

Toal Featherston is the oldest brother in the Featherston farm who dreams of leaving the town to become an actor or singer in the big city. He wants money, fame, and most of all to be adored. He hates what's become of his parents and refuses to believe it'll happen to himself. He has some self issues going on, but tries to turn a blind eye to them as well as the problems at home, even if he does love his brothers dearly he can't help but be a selfish dreamer.

I have some who are mostly supporting to their groups but always open to their own stories!

I have Akalsukh Chaudhari, he is the lover and servant of the lawyer Lawrence Bayliss. A man from India who is incredibly nervous and shy of others and normally prefers to spend all of his time hidden away in the place he now calls home.

Marina Johnson is a member of the Cult of Hecate, she is a bold fiery woman who pretends to tell fortunes in a fake island accent and makes charms. Her excuses are that people will believe in the magical powers of someone from far away than if they knew she was from Edinburgh. And the power of the mind can be strong enough even if the actual charms themselves were just bottles and twigs.

Haruka Tachibana is the Japanese half sister of Ellis Tachibana, the man who runs the Glass Circus. She is a skilled magician and doesn't care much for the locals. She is close to the circus and treats them all as familiy though she loves her brother, her 'son' Chi Chi, and her closest friend Thomasina most.

Rolph Wagner is the strongman of the circus. He is also the tallest. He goes by the nickname Hercules due to his size, muscles, and flowing hair. He has a huge heart and loves those in the circus like family but is a real shy guy around strangers and can be a bit of a coward when defending himself. While not being the smartest in the circus, he is always trying to learn more to prove himself, not for attention but a maternal instinct that he feels to help out as much as he can and protect his family.

Colette Madswitte is the lady of the castle. She is shrewd and cares about herself and her children above all. She wants to use the money from her husband to better the small dreary place she has found herself in and provide it with culture and hopefully help develop some growth.
Hey Wayward! I have Robbie as you know, and I'm totally up for him to be trying to convince Molly to have a little fun with him (doesn't sound as if it'll take much convincing :P ) and then if Ghost jumps in with Lucy, Molly might become a more difficult conquest for him? We could begin something at the bonfire, at least in terms of him having a dance with her or something (although he will eventually toddle off trying to chase down Kel) Or if you want to start elsewhere just let me know!

Also, Rob will obviously be working under Johnathan so we surely can do some plotting with them? How about discovering buried treasure? ;) What I had in mind was the two of them (and Kel, if Alandree wants to throw him in the mix) doing some work in some remote and neglected part of the estate and they find a lock box and....who knows what it might contain? :D And maybe there is a dilemma over whether to tell the  Marquis or not? Or, if you have others ideas I'm sure we can have fun with them! I do want to suggest that Johnathan be the one who comes looking for and finds a very hung over Rob the morning after the party - if you'd be up for that as a starter to whatever else they get up to :)
in London on an applied research study for another week but as I've got Julienne, who'd be Molly's primary charge, I thought I'd better pop on here to start thinking of plot ideas. Julienne likes to explore the castle and get into areas she really isn't supposed to go (such as the Servant's Hall), and if she took a dislike to Molly for some reason she might start speaking in French just to annoy her.

As for Jonathan, my Felix is on the grounds quite a bit more than he probably should be to hookup with Kel so they might have run into one another. And Wilf lives in the village and hangs around the pub often, and is also fond of telling tales so I'd imagine they either get on well or not at all.
Gil, I love it! All of it! We can have him notice Molly, perhaps for the first time, but she's busy at the bonfire with the kids and maybe Emil. But later he'll catch her on her own and will get her with very little work. With Lucy in the mix, it will be a frustrating back and forth that might just make him want her more. 
Jonathan would be emphatic to tell them they found something. But then he'll show how tricky he is by just saying they found something that appears to be junk, feeling certain they wouldn't want it. He would then explain to him that it was dirty and rusty, why not? Plus, if they open the box and it's empty, it really was junk and not worth their lord's time. 
Sure, he can find him after wards! He'll pull him off his feet and dump a bucket of water on him to wake him. Of course what happens after I'm not sure. I can always turn it one way or another. Hehe.
Great ideas, Tryfate! Haha, if Molly gets annoyed at Julienne, she'll just annoy the child right back.She'll pretend she understood her french, making it whatever statements she wants. Such as "Oh, you shouldn't say that sort of thing. I may have to wash your mouth out with soap" or "I don't understand." And when she speaks English, Molly acts just as clueless. Molly might secretly enjoy the adventure with the excuse of chasing her around. She will try to be fun for the girl as much as possible..

Indeed, Jonathan will run into him a lot. He might tell strange stories to scare him into not going out, especially to the moors. Then again, he might also offer to hang out with him,or ask him to help with something that ends up being a long goose chase, anything that fits his fancy at the moment.

Jonathan loves everyone, so he'll definitely get along. I can imagine them trying to outdo each other with stories and getting drunker as they go.
Also to let you guys know, I now have Sean! Proper and polite for the family, the rest of the time he's a cheerful sort but normally keeps to himself to go ghost hunting. Of course he's always happy to take anyone along who might be interested!
Jonathan is too much fun, he will surely see Kel a lot and boss him around of course, he might also see Jericho the gamekeeper, who is very shy and might be afraid of him which should also be interesting. XD
Oh man! I already mentioned to you, the idea for Molly, Robbie & Lucy. I'm sure between Molly's aimlessness, Lucy's dramatics, and Robbie's dick there should be plenty of trouble to be had. XD

Lucy would probably also know Sean, and probably think Sean has a total stick up his ass. But, would know to direct him to her grandfather, Wilf (played by Tryfate) to talk ghosts.

UH AND LUCY AND JOHN? Idk, Lucy really likes biting off more than she can chew, so she is probably going to lead him on for a bit. The ex that she's totally-over-get-off-her-dick-about-it-already-JEEZE was an older charmer with deep pockets, so I think she might kinda prod around him and see if he'll be useful for more than just a good time.

Dr. Dietrich is my other character. Hmm, Molly I can see him meeting if someone referred her to him for odd behavior? Sean I can see him getting along with just out of sheer professionalism, but if it came to light he was into ghosts, the doc would be pretty disappointed. In any case, he's the doctor around town, so any ailments or injuries... he's your guy! XD
Sounds good for Sean. He'll love meeting others who like ghosts. He'll call the doctor close minded for not considering ghosts even a possibility. But will try to get along. And Doctor Dietrich might check on Molly to see if he noticed any health reasons for her mental state, especially if he worries she could go downhill.

Haha Jon and Lucy could be very fun. They could have their own back and forth since neither is really looking for a serious relationship. He is an experienced guy and might realize what she's doing and will lead her around but it might also endear him to her. We can wait and see and I'm always eager for your input.

I am excited to see what will happen with Molly, Lucy, and Rob. xD
Behold! I bring crackplot!

So Jeanne teaches literature and does some tutoring on the side as well. She's one of those kind, but shrewd sort of women and I think these two interacting could potentially be hilarious. The crack idea that I have, and I'm not sure how exactly it gets set into motion, is that Jeanne is taking down accounts of his tall tales for some collection or another. This is basically an excuse to put them in the same room while he drinks and she tries to be serious and writes while he talks while occasionally interrupting or giving him funny looks because she can't believe what just came out of his mouth.
It would probably have to wait until tomorrow, but if you'd like I could write up the starter for these two? Just not sure where they might meet up for this. Unless she's the odd woman out at the tavern sitting there in her prim dress with her pen and ink and not caring that she looks completely out of place.
Certainly that would be fantastic! I could see her just running into him in town on a day he's there just chatting up with some people, maybe trying to flirt with ladies and telling tall tales. That's when she gets curious and catches him on his own and gets him to tell her his stories for a bottle or two of something.
What delightful characters!

With Jonathan I can imagine some amusing interactions between him and Catherine! If he gets too drunk and needs any sort of help I'm sure she will (or has, possibly regularly) oblige. Flirting with her could also put him in for a fun time (good luck there!).

Is Molly a tend-to-the-sick-and-wounded or a child care type nurse? Either way both her and Catherine sound independent and loyal so it could be fun to put them in a spot of trouble and have them team up either present of past! Let me know if you have other ideas too!
Definitely Jon and Wilf should hang out and tell tales! Wilf's lived in the village his entire life, so if you want to say they've been doing so for awhile, that would work great for me :) Wilf's also Lucy's grandfather so that could be an interesting dynamic there also >:)

Actually if Wilf likes Jon he might think that Jon would be a good thing for Lucy :|

And Wilf would definitely be happy for Sean to listen to him, and go around showing him the sights, and also hear anything Sean might be able to tell him about the castle since he's not made it far inside himself.
Sounds good all around to me!
And poor Molly! If we end up doing a thread with them, just let me know OOC if/when you'd like Catherine to suspect anything or if you want any longer term plot or confiding there, that could play out interestingly over time.

Would you like me to start a thread with one of the two? Or do you have an idea for a starter you would like? I'd be fine either way!

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