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Apprehension somewhat alleviated, Kel lowered himself down onto his side and gently urged Felix down with him with his hand. "Hmph. Alright." Sighing, glancing up at the inside of the gazebo's roof, which gave the illusion like he was falling up into it. Trying to change the subject, "So... you ever been with more than one at once?"
As Felix lay beside Kel, he breathed the night air, studying Kel in the light of the lantern, wondering yet again what he might be thinking. His curiosity was not to last long, this time, and Felix flushed at Kel's own questions. "Er, well not more than one man, if that's what you want to know . . .?"
He chuckled quietly, "We should do it then, sometime." Reaching to touch his neck, tenderly caress his chest over his clothes, "Done it with a woman?"
“Erm, really? I . . . all right, if that’s something you’d like. I suppose you have someone in mind.” Felix flushed. Arousal and uncertainty commingled in his lower regions, and he shifted slightly. He gave it a moment more of consideration, watching Kel intently. "As for women, I have. You?"
"Never." He felt he ought to be ashamed, but felt only relief, doubly so when he was here now, embracing a man. "Mam's real cross about it. I never courted, so there en't no dowry to save the farm." Turning his head slightly, he gazed off at the dark outline of the hedges, "But I got brothers."
While it was a troubling topic of conversation (not that Kel had never been with a woman, that truly did not trouble Felix, but that marriage was expected, possibly even required, of him), Felix was gratified that Kel was confiding in him now. He had no desire to do anything to stop further confidences.

"I'm afraid that's something I've no experience with." Felix sighed. "Any of it. I don't even have any brothers. Or sisters, for that matter."
"Hmh. I got three." A sort of hollow laugh, "Sometimes it's alright I guess. The young ones are fine. But my older one's a tosser. Probably be a lot more quiet without em." He didn't mind the twins' loudness as much as Darina's, and Toal's and his when they fought. Ennis and Manus were more agreeable to each other. He had hope that they'd come out of the trials of youth unscathed.

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