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Apprehension somewhat alleviated, Kel lowered himself down onto his side and gently urged Felix down with him with his hand. "Hmph. Alright." Sighing, glancing up at the inside of the gazebo's roof, which gave the illusion like he was falling up into it. Trying to change the subject, "So... you ever been with more than one at once?"
As Felix lay beside Kel, he breathed the night air, studying Kel in the light of the lantern, wondering yet again what he might be thinking. His curiosity was not to last long, this time, and Felix flushed at Kel's own questions. "Er, well not more than one man, if that's what you want to know . . .?"
He chuckled quietly, "We should do it then, sometime." Reaching to touch his neck, tenderly caress his chest over his clothes, "Done it with a woman?"

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