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Kel vaguely could guess that he was about to suggest something out of the ordinary, or less preferably, unpleasant, but he held out hope. "Mmhm?" And continued to go through each layer and undo its corresponding buttons.
Felix is silent for a moment. Though he had considered what he might say, Kel's practiced hands were quite distracting, and Felix could not immediately recollect the words. "Yes, well, obviously our meetings have been quite delightful, and I don't have any complaints . . ."

Taking a moment to pull Kel close, kissing his cheek. "No complaints, but might I ask you a personal question?"
He'd made it to the skin, and stroked his chest delicately, but stopped short when he pulled him in to kiss his cheek. "Erm. Yeah." Trying to guess what it might be by analyzing Felix's eyes. "What?"
Felix's breath fluttering as Kel's fingers met his bare skin, wanting nothing more than to fall back and pull his lover atop him. Yet desiring his lover atop him was exactly what troubled him, and Felix wasn't sure how to ask if Kel had ever even considered taking a more . . . active . . . role in love-making.

Gazing back into his blue eyes, longing to kiss his lips. "When we're together, the things that we do, is that how it is with your other lovers?" Damning himself for his words, but fearing that saying more would only worsen matters.
"What part?" Narrowing his gaze in thought, "I don't really have any others right now." He had been decidedly faithful to Cecil for nearly two years, a feat which he was, even now, a bit surprised to have maintained for even that long.
Now certain that he's made an error or three, Felix hastened to correct himself. "Oh no, no! I didn't mean to imply that you did, I only meant . . ." He frowned, placing a hand on Kel's arm. "I was only wondering if you had ever considered doing anything different."
Kel was loathe to stop his progress in undressing him, but Felix seemed to be struggling. So he got off his lap to retrieve the lamp, then crawled back on his knees to sit beside him with the light illuminating the planes of Felix's face, the better to read his expression. "Somethin's wrong?"
It wouldn't have been such a terrible thing, really, to continue on as they had been? It would certainly have been simpler, but as Felix had been told so often, the simplest option was not generally the best option. And while he might have been wrong about Kel's predilections, Felix knew he wasn't wrong in thinking that if he didn't at least try to ask, he'd be left feeling rather . . . unfulfilled.

Yet he'd already driven Kel at least a short distance away with only his fumbling attempts to do so. "No, no, nothing's wrong," Felix said. "It's just, I was wondering if you . . . if you'd like to. . . try doing things the other way 'round?"
He began to gather the gist, but he still knew that to extract anything straight and plain from Felix took a bit of effort. So assuming, at this juncture, was risky. "Other way 'round ... with ... what? Erm, sex?" Darting his eyes in apprehension. It was a rarity to spend this much time even talking to a lover, no less getting into specifics about preferences. In that alone, Felix was an exceptional case.
Felix was more than slightly envious of Kel's straightforward way of speaking. It would certainly save him some trouble, yet it simply did not come naturally to Felix, save perhaps in the heat of passion. Even now that Kel had gotten to the crux of it, it was difficult. Felix sighed, running a hand through his curls. "Yes. Sex." He frowned. "What else would I be talking about?" Surely now Kel would understand what it was he was asking of him?

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