Open A Little Night Break-In
"Of course I do, dear." He let his fingers fall into place easily with him, and did take care to brush against him as much as was casually possible. When Saly moved into better view, he gave him a small, knowing smile, one which he would give to no other.
[warning: racism, antiquated, slur]

Anatole was impressed with the playing, though he already knew of Felix's singular talent at the piano. He flushed with excitement and nerves, standing when the duet had finished and clapping. Though his voice was still small and hesitant, he could hardly wait to see what they'd get up to with these mysterious dregs of the road; inexplicable strange gypsies, altogether too marvellous to even look at for too long. He'd expected to forge onward and attempt to lead the gathering with non-existent conductor and directing skill. But perhaps this diversion would bring a directing of its own kind.

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