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"No! Please, I am quite bad at joke." He amended quickly, also standing, trying to laugh off his own stupidity, "I am grateful, someone I can speak to about this. Stay?"
Of course, Felix did understand how difficult it was to find others who understood. After a moment, he settled back on the bed. "Of course, I am meant to be assisting you, after all, and I promise to behave." The promise was more to himself than Professor Maksimov, but he had never meant to make the other man uncomfortable. He offered the other man a small smile, unsure how best to help.

"Is he the only one you've ever felt this way about? You've never considered anyone else?"
Ezra also sat again, trying to arrange his posture more casually, crossing one knee over the other. Exhaling, "Well, not since I have met him. There were some in school, nothing like him." The pathetic infatuations of his youth had been nothing but fleeting and filled with disappointment.
As the professor spoke, all untoward feeling toward him left Felix as he considered his complete devotion to his friend and colleague, leaving him with only sympathety and aesthetic appreciation for his situation. It was sad, and so beautifully hopeless, and Felix sighed as well.

"And I take it you've only felt this way for men?"
He felt himself nodding, he could no longer prevent his body from expressing the truth, despite his mind still lagging behind in hesitation before he said "Yes." A sudden well of tears brimming, he clutched his hands tightly together and tried to control himself from breaking down entirely in front of a stranger.
For the most part, Felix was only filled with sympathy for the other man, though now there was a tinge of alarm with this. Even now, he was uncertain in his abilities to comfort others, especially when they were not lovers.

"Please, Professor, that is nothing to be ashamed of. I've known other men who have no interest in women. They find lovers. But . . ." Felix sighed. Even now, he felt giving false hope would only make things worse for the man. "Perhaps not the ones they would have, if they could have their choice."
He had now and then given thought to simply finding some other man to pursue. Yet there had been no other whose mere presence filled him with so singular and complex a feeling. Such inspiration, ardor, peace...

"I could not be lover with anyone else." He finally broke from his hunched, protective posture, leaning back slightly and running his fingers through his hair as the remainder of his agitation, "I would rather be alone." Saying it aloud felt more grave than he'd expected.

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