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[Feel free to use the image provided if desired!]
Lee Featherston
Kellan Featherston's English father. His mind is going fast and arthritis has stricken him from the plow and the shepherd's crook. But he is a warm-hearted soul who is filled with regret for not doing better by his family in terms of wealth. He understands that Darina doesn't love him the way he wishes she did, and feels guilt about their arranged marriage years ago. He has early signs of Alzheimer's, though the disease wasn't officially recognized/named as such in this time period until 1902.
Colm Wilkinson
[Feel free to use the image provided if desired!]
Darina Featherston
Kellan Featherston's Irish mother. She does much of the farm work now that Lee is in poor health. She's cold and strict from frustration and fatigue, but would do anything for her family. She married very young, in an arrangement she had no part in, but she has grown to love Lee in her own way, though she doesn't feel particularly romantic about it.
Megan Follows
[Feel free to use the image provided if desired!]
Manus Featherston
The fraternal twin of Ennis, the youngest Featherston sons. He's growing distant from Ennis, and wants to live in the city and become a doctor. Shy, very smart.
Eros Vlahos
[Feel free to use the image provided if desired!]
Nedeljko Muzuran
A Croatian native, Nedeljko Muzuran has had a complicated and mysterious upbringing. He, along with his sister Zorica, fled to Bosnia to live with distant cousins after some family tragedy that left them orphaned. It is rumoured that their name is derived from mažuran, the Bosnian word for marjoram, and was therefore an alias they both adopted to avoid recognition, or perhaps persecution.

During his early middle age, Nedeljko met and married an Italian duchess, Elena Flava, who he travelled to Italy with, along with Zorica. The family continued to mingle among the elite, seemingly having left their checkered past behind permanently. He and Elena had three daughters. Violetta, the eldest, married a Dutch Baron, Nikola Van Kampen, and lived in Holland with him until the Duchess died, upon which she moved back to Italy.

Zorica also married into nobility; to the English Baron Colin Cragg. Their daughter, Senka, was not close with her mother's side, but they visited her when she married into the Madswitte family. Upon the day of their wedding, Van Kampen went missing on the grounds, but his body was never found. Today, they have moved in with the Madswittes indefinitely.

Lord Muzuran is unkempt, unfiltered, and unhinged by many accounts. Some say he is naught but a harmless old man, but his off-putting demeanour does not garner him many friends. What has caused this drastic change? After all, he did rise from a forgettable working class Croatian to the husband of an Italian Duchess. He truly loves his daughters, though struggles to relate to them as their single remaining parent.
Rade Serbedzija
[Feel free to use the image provided if desired!]
Yakova Muzuran
The baby of the Muzurans, and the most quiet. Yakova found their invitation here thoughtful, and looks favourably on Kelvin's new family. She is enchanted by the English moorland, and often takes rides on her horse to explore, even though she abhors the mud. She is intent on making friends with Julienne, but might feel something a bit more for her brother René.
Schuyler Grant
[Feel free to use the image provided if desired!]
Oksana "Baba Yaga" Ivanov
The eldest sister, some say it was she who began the cult, and that she is indeed the real Baba Yaga of legend, who fled from Russia to Europe after the townspeople were to burn her house on hen's legs to the ground. She has never talked in detail about her past, but dutifully acts as mother and grandmother to all, despite the menace of her nickname's sake.
Angela Lansbury
[Feel free to use the image provided if desired!]
Prudence "Morgana" Timms
Once the wife of a wealthy white merchant, until his death nearly two decades ago. Some say she was displaced and shunned from her home after he died, which was why she sought a better life for herself among the sisters, along with her son Dembe, who is an honorary male member. They only recently reunited after he passed through Madsmoor on business as a carpenter and house builder. He decided to stay with her and help the Sisters with their business and construction of their new home in Menka's Bog.
Eartha Kitt
[Feel free to use the image provided if desired!]
Aureliano Sandoval
Childhood friend of Émil Salazar and Gerónimo Valdez, who he met in Mexico. Their friendship grew over many stops to Mexico on his father's Spanish trading boat, under which Émil's estranged father was also employed. Aureliano helped Émil stow away on the ship, and they both lived in Spain for a brief time as teenagers before Émil moved to France. Aureliano later inherited his father's company as an adult, and on one stop several years ago on a trade with Eastern Canada, he found Meril Benbow and Jericho Levert on the dock. They begged him give them passage to Europe, and he obliged. While on the trip, he and Jericho had a brief affair. He has now found himself in Yorkshire, where he decided to vacation after his last trade in Kingston upon Hull. He has no idea that Émil, Meril, and Jericho now live here.
Miguel Ángel Silvestre
[Feel free to use the image provided if desired!]
Gerónimo Valdez
Another childhood friend of Émil Salazar's. They both grew up in the same village where there mothers were both struggling to make a living with sex work. Gerónimo was born in Guatemala, where his mother was a native, but she moved to Mexico when both her husband and her eldest son died. Gerónimo is the middle child, and has a younger sister. The four, Gerónimo, Émil, Valery, and Aureliano (whenever he was in town) were fast friends, always getting into trouble and going on adventures. Émil had a crush on Gerónimo, and they both experimented with each other when they were around 10 and 12. When Émil went away on his father's ship, Gerónimo was heartbroken. Eventually however, Gerónimo joined the Sandoval shipping company as an adult, and made his living as a sailor with Aureliano. During this time, Émil was living in France, and the three did not expect to ever reunite. But now that the sailors have made port in Yorkshire, they'll be sure to run into him soon!
Oscar Isaac
[Feel free to use the image provided if desired!]
Valery Valdez
Sister of Gernimo, friend of Aureliano and mil. The four had many childhood adventures together, but eventually lost contact when the three men went off to Spain with her father's shipping company. Open to why she has come to Madsmoor, is she also a sailor/trader? Has she come to visit her brother who has come on holiday?
America Ferrera
I am looking for an assistant, I have two ideas in mind but they are just ideas and open to anything just about!

Jack Kelly
Jack is a childhood friend of Pony and has seen a gentler side that is only still revealed to him. They have laughs together and he spends all of his time helping him while trying to help keep him out of jail and try to get him to give up this life for the straight and narrow.
Hugh Grant
Or perhaps

Karen McBride
Karen is Pony's younger sister grew up with him and knew what he went through, even if she didn't agree the way he went about it. They are close and so it only made sense she left when he did. She tries to keep her brother from ending up in jail and is trying to get him to stop this way of life. She wants to live a normal life as well but would never be able to if she is worrying about Pony.
Olivia Cooke
Julian Harris
The eldest brother of the recently deceased Delia Harris. He has arrived from Edinburgh after hearing of his sister's death from a letter her close friend and romantic interest, Florian Bankman, had sent to him. Together, Julian and Florian will investigate the circumstances of her death, as well as further probing into the mysterious death of Florian's aunt, Alberta.
Michael York

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