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Helga Pedersdatter
Former brothel madame of Rose's Mollies. She and Mazarin formed a strong bond and remain close to this day. When he quit the business and left London, Helga sent him many letters wondering about his well being. Now that Mazarin has joined Tachibana's Glass Circus, she has decided to come straight down to Yorkshire to see what all the fuss is about, but mostly to check in on her old friend.
Gwendoline Christie
Desi Maharajah
Native to India. Arranged Marriage to Aahir. Both are gay, their families don't know. They keep appearance up in public, but their maid knows so she can keep defense and offense. They come to this land during monsoon season July to Sept. Whether she visits randomly other wise or decides to come during one of his work business trips to the area is up to you. Her persona in public vs private is also up to you. They do care deeply about each other, they are best friends, just not romantically into each other. She's the only one who knows about what Aahir went through wen he joined the army and the only one who knows how to handle him if he ends up in a night terror. PB is just a suggestion.
Deepika Padukone
Town Blacksmith
PB is up to you. I need Theadora's uncle. He and his wife took Thea in when she was orphaned. His wife died three years ago giving birth to their child. His wife's family wouldn't help support him, Thea, and his new baby. Rumors went around and he slowly became what they all thought of him. Thea now keeps the blacksmith shop a float while raising his daughter and keeping things neat and tidy. /div>
Face Claim
--- Brown
The younger sister of William Brown and the Nanny to Joseph O’Neal’s son Christoph. She has always hated the fact her family is poor and is trying to marry someone of wealth (perhaps one of the reasons she started working for Joseph). She is fairly much open in terms of… well everything – although she does tend to slack off with Christoph if there is a cute man of wealth around.
Early 20s
Open (Example Mia Wasikowska)
Fredrick Calloway
Harold's twin, unlike Harold he keeps himself clean shaven. They are from Louisiana. Father's the sheriff, mother's a teacher. He's engaged to the daughter of their former Governance , a VooDoo priestess. Her name is Marie. They are in an open relationship. He isn't as great with gun as Harold and his career is up to you. He'll pick on Harold, because he never thought he would have seen the day that Harold would ignore the glare of another woman. Also, Harold and Marie use to have a thing before Fredrick and Marie got serious
TIM ROZON - Clean shaven
Marie Boudreaux
=The daughter of Madam Boudreauz=x, voo doo priestess in New Orleans. When she was 18 and he was 22 Harold and Marie had an intense thing, closest thing to a relationship he has had until today. She is engaged but in an open relationship with Harold’s clean-shaven twin ‘Fredrick’, which I picture her calling him Rick or Red. Travels to this town Red when Madam Boudreaux gets Harold's letter about needing a box to capture a dark spirit. She takes after her mother.
Suggested: maisie richardson-sellers

Jedidiah Calloway
Just another Calloway siblings. There are 7 siblings total, but only three came on the trip with Marie after they received Harold’s letter, they decided to show up instead of sending a letter. Jed just invited himself on this trip. Occupation and Relationship status up to you.
Suggested: Tomy Hardy (with beard)
Roxanne Clementine Calloway
Just another Calloway siblings. There are 7 siblings total, but only three came on the trip with Marie Boudreaux after they received Harold’s letter, they decided to show up instead of sending a letter. Occupation and Relationship status up to you. She misses her brother Harold, which drove her to annoyingly begging to go with the others.

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