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Without any forethought about appropriateness, Ezra gratefully took his arm, leaning into him indulgently. "No... no, no, do not leave on my account..." His tone very uncharacteristic, a low, slurred whine.
Maksimov's uncharacteristic behavior was quite concerning. Not the touching, which was not uncommon as often in distraction Maksimov might absently place his hand on Himal's hand or leg . . . though this was far beyond the usual, it was just his way. The drunkenness, however, was so outside Himal's experience with his friend that rather than distance himself from the physical contact as he would otherwise have done, he instead moved to offer him more support.

"You should know I'm only attending this party on your behalf," he reminded him, attempting to lead him from the room as inconspicuously as possible. "Besides, there is nothing to prevent me from returning once I have seen you safely to your bed."
Ezra shook his head emphatically, which made his head spin double quick. He clung to him tighter. "Please, Chandan. i am fine..." His cheeks were flushed from the drink and Himal's attentiveness.
Even if he had been at all reluctant to leave the party, Himal would not have returned and left the other man to his own devices. There was nothing in Ezra's manner which would have lead Himal to consider him at all 'fine.' If he had been 'fine,' he would not have clung to him, unable to remain standing upright without the support. If he had been 'fine,' he would not appear as though he were about to be sick at any moment.

"You obviously are not fine, as you say. Come along, Maksimov." Himal moved awkwardly, still supporting his friend, attempting to get him out of the room before he caused a spectacle of himself.
Ezra allowed Himal to lead him out of the parlour into the hallway, admittedly glad to be out of sight, this display would reflect badly on him, assuming the majority could even remember tomorrow. "I am fine." He repeated, pulling away when they were halfway down the hall, steadying himself a moment before righting his knees and standing properly. Aware enough now to focus on the letter in his pocket. "I will go myself. Please, go back, surely there are ladies who want to talk?" The last part was as rueful and pointed as he could make it while his speech remained slurred.
Already frowning slightly as Ezra pulled away from him, Himal nearly scowled at the suggestion, not sure why his friend was so desperate to be rid of him. Unless it was perhaps embarrassment at having allowed himself to get so intoxicated. As if Himal had nothing better to do with himself than engage in genteel flirtation.

"What ladies do you refer to? Lady Violetta? I would rather stick my head in the bog."

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