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Robbie Allan

Hello! I'll be adding more to this as I get Robbie up and running. But for now I just wanted to get a plotter up so players would know he's available for threads. He's 20, and part of the groundskeeping crew, having lived and worked on the estate since he was 10. As a groundskeeper I would think he could easily be found about the castle grounds, in the village on work related errands, or at the pub, or even out on the moor. I'll be poking about in the next few days to see what other players are up to and hitting up plotters. In the meantime, though, if you would like to have a thread with Robbie, please let me know!

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Hey Gil, welcome to MM! I play Kel, the other groundskeeper, and he and Rob have a lot in common - both the same age, both work on local farms near the manor! Kel's been working for Madswitte since he was a bit older, maybe seventeen or so? So I figure they've got a sort of familiar acquaintanceship at the very least? Kel is also pretty gay, so he may have tried out flirting with Robbie, though only if that's something you're comfortable with.

I've got a bunch of other characters too, which can all be found in my own plotter here. If you find any of them interest you instead/as well!

Also, feel free to join us in our newest plot event found here. It's a pretty laid back bonfire party type thing that the servants are throwing while the nobles party inside. I only just started it up yesterday so there's no posts yet but that will change in due time, perhaps even later today!
Thank you! I'd love to say Robbie and Kel are on good terms/friends and the flirting would be fine too! If you'd be interested, we could even cook something up that would be more than just a simple friendship between them. I don't know what Kel's background is, in terms of intimate relationships (either emotion, physical or both). But I would find it interesting to say that perhaps Kel and Rob at some point had a little thing going and perhaps Robbie veered off eventually to do more of the traditional boy/girl thing and perhaps now he is finding that isn't holding his interest enough??

But I am open to whatever you think might work for you and Kel. I will also take a look at your other lovelies and throw some ideas at you on your plotter.

Awesome, actually, I had envisioned that Kel had his first lover around 15 or so, but something happened like said lover moved away or was forbidden to see him after they were caught, etc. Dunno if that would fit with your ideas or not, but I definitely like the idea that they had a thing once! Kel's currently 'dating' the footman, Felix, but they are both polyamorous so he'd probably not say no to starting up things with multiple dudes. He also has an ex, Cecil, who is another footman, tho he's currently just a want ad for me, so yeah there's some drama going on already for sure XD
Heya! I’ve got two characters that Robbie might know!

Lucy Plumey is about his age and grew up in Madsmoor as well, working family, her dad was probably a baker or something. She is uhh… dramatic is probably the best word? Lucy basically lives like a displaced diva, she loves attention and admiration, and is not above petty manipulation to earn them. Three or four years ago her family moved to the United States, and she moved up to York ~the big city~, but she’s recently come back to Madsmoor after the city didn’t go so well for her.

Idk, maybe she had a crush on the handsome boy back when they were children? I think now she’d have a bit of an attitude, since her beau back in York was older and rich and a real asshole.

Dr. Oliver Dietrich is more of a professional. He’s been a guest at the manor to help treat Kelvin Madswitte, but he’s happy to help any of the townspeople with ailments as well. He is friendly with Gordon Brandt the valet and Meril Benbow the Housekeeper, so he’s not terribly stuck up about domestic staff, but I’m sure he still comes off as severe and a high-strung. Felix, the footman, probably complains about him.

It is possible Robbie has spotted him dragging suspicious materials back to the castle late at night. >:3 Other than that, they probably either know each other through other staff or from doctor-y stuff.
Kel & Rob I'd love to say that Rob & Kel had a first love kind of thing back in the day! It might be interesting to say that Rob was far more uncomfortable with the homosexual aspect of it all/had more of a compulsion to 'fly straight' after a while, and tended to downplay the whole thing after it was over? But in actuality he hasn't ever really forgotten how much he liked being with Kel. So if currently he has been having troubles with the ladies, any indications on Kel's part that he'd be open to rekindling those old embers would meet with interest on Rob's part.

I could start a thread for us - perhaps at the stable? Or wherever their equipment is kept? Rob might need to go there to retrieve a tool of some sort, or something like that, and bump into his buddy Kel?

Lucy & Rob Lucy sounds like fun! I love a girl with sass! And I love your idea of a past crush - and now she is back and all grown up? Perhaps Rob would see her with very different eyes but Lu is just *speak to the hand dude*.

I could start a thread for us, in the village? Has she been back long and do you think it likely they would have run into one another previously (since she's been back)?

Dr. Dietrich & Rob Dragging bodies mysterious stuff back to the castle at night, hm? That sounds intriguing! Does the good doctor ever need plant ingredients for anything he concocts? And if so, would he likely ask staff to help him procure it? Maybe something grown in the gardens, or even something not so common but possibly found on the grounds elsewhere? Or the moor? I'm no herbologist so I don't know what it could be). Rob might be told to assist him, or he is the one who went and fetched the whatever and is bringing it to the good Doctor?

Again, if you let me know your pleasure I can probably get us started.
Sure thing, please do start one for us if you like! There's a garden shed somewhere on the grounds as well if that works.
Heya Gil! Lucy has been back for a few weeks, so they've probably crossed paths? Usually, Lucy is working in the kitchen, so if he's dropping in for food, or if she is outside on a smoke break they're likely to at least spot each other.

Also, that totally reminds me that Oliver was do an experiment with plants to measure toxicity of different chemicals! Robbie totally could have helped out with that! 8D

We can start a thread in the village if you like, or just throw them in a thread at the bonfire, since we've got the event going on! :D
Kel & Rob : I began a thread in the Yard of the castle :)

Lucie & Rob: I've posted Rob in the bonfire thread :)

Oliver & Rob: Do you want to say they are out trudging around on the moors? Alternatively, I could just have Rob coming back to the castle with some plants Oliver had asked him to collect?
Hi Gil! I've got a passel of characters but there's three main ones that Robbie would most likely know/be aware of.

Felix - is a newly arrived Footman, Dr. Dietrich's son (but he doesn't go into that), and Kel's current lover. Robbie's definitely going to run into him at the Bonfire but he may have run into him wandering around the grounds looking for Kel previous to this

Gordon Brandt - is Kelvin's latest Valet. Gordon spends most of his time inside but has been known to wander the grounds on occasion. He's more of a city-boy so is kind of uncomfortable with the moors but is about to acquire a dog that will need housing on the grounds so there might be something there?

Wilf - is Lucy's grandfather and the local barber/teller of tales. Robbie probably would have heard some of Wilf's ghost stories throughout his life or just run into him regularly in the village.
Woooo! I think we can have them trudging out in the moors. Oliver recently found a mummified body out there, so... he's pretty stoked about pete moss right now. :P
Felix & Rob I definitely would like to see these two together and get a feel for how they mesh - or don't! If Felix is out on the grounds looking for Kel, or even in the kitchen maybe (?) he might bump into Robbie and they could have a natter? I could begin it if you tell me where to set it.

Gordon & Rob The dog idea sounds good! Does the castle have a kennel? Maybe an old one no longer used? Perhaps Rob would be showing it to Gordon with a view towards getting it cleaned up and in good enough shape to house said doggie?

Wilf & Rob I love ghost stories! Maybe Rob is hanging out with the boys on his afternoon off and Wilf gets going with a tale - Rob is probably the jerky, skeptical guy who snorts and rolls his eyes a lot LOL Maybe we could set it at the pub? Or maybe there in a bench out front of the barber shop?

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