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Updated with Lawrence, Hazel and Feilim if anyone feels posty! :D
Hi Gil! I have an idea and I'm not sure how feasible it is, but it could serve to be particularly excellent.

So Jeanne teaches literature in the village, but works as a private tutor as well. She's originally from France so perhaps Philly's father hires her to tutor his daughter in French and this backfires as the two become friendly and Jeanne starts sneaking her materials more in line with what she actually wants to learn? Jeanne attended university in Paris as well before coming to the village to settle so they could probably bond reasonably well. She's very much the sort of person who enjoys helping others pursue their dreams.
Marinette and Catherine sound like they would be an interesting pair. Not sure if it is most likely they would get along as friends or as enemies or if they would keep eachother at arm's length but any of those could be fun (though I kind of like the idea of two serious healer ladies with different schools of practice being pals). As much as Catherine is resistant to new ideas getting anywhere near her patients, they could also trade ideas, practice, and help (even if grudgingly as enemies) - herb lore likely would not be unheard of to her and Catherine doesn't always do things by Red Cross standards (she is far too efficient for that!)

If Lawrence looks like the wealthy benefactor sort Catherine might bother him even if she is barking up the wrong tree. His interest in mental illness could be something they partner up on as well, though if he gets too impersonal it will likely raise Catherine's ire.

Those are just two off the top of my head, but if you have more ideas let me know!
Hi Gil!

Fred might be a friend of one of Rose's brothers so they might know each other,

Rose may have gone to school with Hazel, Feilim, and Lilly. She would probably take (better than thou) pity on a fallen woman, so she would be uncomfortably nice to Hazel.

If Robbie or James are looking for a simple village girl to mess around with, Rose is desperately looking for a husband and that makes her very vulnerable.
Robbie - Well so far she's met Jon, who is attractive to her, but she's not the type to sleep around. So she's sort of keeping him at arms length in that regard. I imagine she may come by to bother Jon, but find Robbie one day and maybe Robbie starts a rumor about this new mysterious woman and Jon?

James - I am not sure how to plot these two, but if you have any ideas I would love to plot with him.

Thomas - how does Thomas feel about jewish people? I am thinking she's looking for a particular crop, can't find it in the market and someone tells her about Thomas's place, but she shouldn't waste her time.
Ok I must really be going blind because I cannot seem to find the absences thread. So I'll post here as it seems a good place in case anyone new comes along and is looking for plots/threads. As of right now I am going to put all my characters on hiatus. Once again I continue to experience a terrible lack of muse and it has been so basically all summer. So if anyone I have threads or plots with wishes to move on with their character(s) please feel free to do so. In particular if I have taken a want ad you put up and you wish to revisit me having that character (Wayward and Dree are who come to mind; also Kimmie who made a character for the one ad I had up) please send me a PM here.

Thanks and I apologize for the inconvenience. Feel free to PM me for any plot related questions, etc.
No problem, take care Gil! We love ya!
Take care Gil! Feel free to drop by anytime :) <3

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