Plot with Gil
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Robbie Allan

Rob is 20, and part of the groundskeeping crew, having lived and worked at the castle since he was 10. As a groundskeeper, he could easily be found out and about the castle grounds, in the village on work related errands, or at the pub, or even out on the moor. He is sociable, brash, not too overly intelligent or clever, a real "man's man" [eyeroll] who fancies himself quite the lady killer - although recently he has become quite taken with a certain young lady that works on staff at the castle as well. How that will ultimately pan out is unknown at this point. He has also recently rekindled a teenage relationship with a fellow groundskeeper and that too is up in the air.

There are nasty rumors going around that Rob got a village girl pregnant and provided her with an aborticide which almost killed her.


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Philomena Muzuran

Here is Philomena, the middle daughter of Nedeljko Muzuran and his late wife, Elena. Philly, as she is "affectionately" known by her family and friends (the latter primarily now friends by correspondence) is a serious minded, studious young lady with aspirations of going to university. Her father forbids this, but she schemes to somehow thwart his infuriating conservatism. Having moved from Italy to Yorkshire, Philly is feeling even more constrained and stifled. She spends most of her time reading and isn't interested in music, singing or painting. She is skeptical of why her family was invited to come to Madswitte Castle and is especially curious about their host, her late aunt's husband, Kelvin Madswitte (now remarried). She's even more skeptical and curious about Lord Madswitte's new wife, the lady Colette Chastain.

Philomena is likely to be found anywhere in the castle or on the grounds, and almost always with her nose stuck in a book. Recently, through a friend, she has taken to secretively spending time at the new village hospital, in order to study disease and illness, medicine and....anatomy.


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Marinette Timms

“Marinette is a loa of power and violence in Haitian Vodou. In her Petro form she is called Marinette Bras Cheche, or Marinette of the dry arms, or Marinette Pied Cheche (dry feet), suggesting she is skeletal…she is feared and tends to ride those she possesses violently…Her colors are black and deep blood red…Marinette is represented by a screech owl and is often seen as the protector of werewolves.” Wikipedia and
Marinette is a young woman with a fairly restricted circle of those she holds affection for. Her loyalty only extends as far as the other sisters of the cult (of Hecate) and their mutual bond of their practices and rituals. She only feels true love for her surrogate mother and mentor, Morgana.

Marinette is quite pretty, and has a soft expression most of the time. One might mistake her for some lost dove. She tends to be very quiet, almost silent, and her manner is odd. Nowadays, one might say she is "on the spectrum" for she seems to be lacking in social cues.

She has taken up something of a specialty in herb lore, and has extensive knowledge of the plants of Great Britain, and beyond. Anyone coming from another land would catch her interest, but only so as to pick their brain for any information concerning “medicinal” plants. Of course, she knows the uses of such things for purposes darker than simple healing.
She is often seen in the village, working at the shop the cult runs, selling her tinctures and salves, ointments and compotes, for those who are sick and who might turn to tradition in the face of ‘modern medicine.’ She also does a steady trade for her more unusual or illicit ware, such as love potions, or worse…


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Lawrence Bayliss

Lawrence, 37, is a solicitor, born and educated in Wales, who has spent a fairly good amount of time in various outposts of the Empire, mostly in India. Once upon a time he was married, but soon thereafter widowed. He has somewhat recently returned to England, and being in need of a source of income, has taken up the law practice of a recently deceased uncle of an old school mate. The practice is located in Madsmoor. Lawrence moved to the village recently with his two "servants" - Akalsukh Singh Chaudhari, his valet and all around personal servant, and Mrs. Settles, his cook and housekeeper (who happens to have been born with achondroplasia - a form of dwarfism). They both also happen to be former clients of his. He is keenly interested in mental illness, especially as it relates to criminality.

Lawrence will be most frequently in the village but is of course willing to come to speak with a prospective client, especially if they have money enough to pay his fee (although that isn't always a necessity)

He is currently in a lifetime, committed relationship with Akal, but that isn't public knowledge.


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Hazel Gedge

Hazel, 18, is an orphan and has been in service since she was 12 as a scullery maid in the home of a well off middle class family in Madsmoor Village. She is a timid thing and quite innocent, although that has lead her to a very unfortunate circumstance. She has come to conclude that she is pregnant and will be seeking a quick marriage to the baby's father - none other than Robbie Allan. Her time on this earth may be limited so any threads would have to take place in the immediate present or in the past.

Being in service, she would be almost constantly in the village, with no real reason to be elsewhere.

UPDATE: As of late October, 1899, Hazel has survived a harrowing near death experience wherein it appeared that she was miscarrying. Turns out she was not pregnant, but had a rare condition of the uterus. She is convalescing....somewhere. Many in the village though still believe she WAS pregnant and that Rob Allan was the man who knocked her up and then ditched her. Many also look even more darkly upon Marinette Timms, one of the "witches" whom they believe to have sold Hazel an abortion potion that went wrong.


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Feilim Neill

Feilim, 16, was born in London, but raised in Madsmoor by his grandparents. He left school at 12 to start work so he could help them stretch their limited income. He found employment at Madswitte Castle as a stable boy, though he knew almost nothing about horses. But he has learned quite a lot about them since and does a good job of his duties. He is quiet, hard working, and dreams of enlisting in the army and joining a cavalry unit as a groom.

Feilim would be around the grounds of the castle, mostly in the stables, and inside for meals etc. I presume he probably sleeps in the stables somewhere?


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Fred Seymour

Fred is a 13 year old kid from the poorest part of the village. His mom does laundry for the better households, but his father is a no good drunk. He has five younger siblings, but is closest to his twin, Ed, his elder by a few minutes. Together the two brothers are invariably trying to find a way to avoid school and cause trouble. Fred is friendly but wary of anyone who smacks of “authority figure.” He may have made quite a few ‘enemies’ among the other village kids (boys mostly) or upstanding adults who he has run afoul of. Being 13, he hasn’t yet tested the waters of ‘courting’ a girl but he does think Julienne Chastain is very pretty.


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James Carlyle

James is a newspaper man, a real go getter who has big ambitions, although recently he has experienced something of a set back with his editor (something about liberties being taken with the man’s daughter or some such). So, as something of a punishment, James has been sent to the dreary backwater village of Madsmoor in order to get to the bottom of the local stories about ghosts, and a haunted castle. James is a total skeptic, but he has managed to get the Marquis to extend an invitation to him. So, comfortably ensconced as a guest at Madswitte Castle, he has been skulking around, looking for ghosts, and any other juicy bits of information that might lead to a good story for his paper, the Daily Mail. He could be found anywhere in or around the castle or the village, and loves to talk to anyone and everyone. Just mind what you tell him for he won’t keep a secret if it might sell papers.

James has want ad up for both his fiancée and his mistress in the want ad thread HERE


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Chi Chi

Born to Chinese parents in San Francisco 19 years ago, and abandoned soon after birth, Chi is an intersex person. He was taken under the wing of Haruka Tachibana, and became part of the Glass Circus, run by her brother, Ellis. Chi (pronounced Chee) is a performer with the circus, helping as his surrogate mother’s assistant in her magic act. He is flamboyant and something of a drama queen, and loves to be the center of attention. At the moment, the circus seems to have settled down in Madsmoor, so Chi could be found anywhere around the place, spending much of his time at the new theater. He is sociable, friendly and often bored so he’d be up for finding something to capture his interest while they cool their heels in the unsophisticated backwater.


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Lilly Dobble

Lilly is a local girl, born and raised in the village, and has worked at the castle since she was 12. Currently she is a house maid, and though she dreams of becoming an actress on the boards of London, Paris and Berlin, that’s never going to happen. Her passion is to read penny dreadful novels and imagine herself being the heroines thereof. All the stories of the ghosts that haunt Madswitte and the moors around thrill her to no end and she would love to encounter a phantom. She is sweet, gullible and excitable, and she would know everyone in the village, as well as all the staff at the castle.


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Alexander Gomez

Alex was born and raised in Barcelona, and is a total stranger to Yorkshire. He has ventured to the cold, dreary English moors to find his cousin, Molly Bloom. The reason for his quest is a tale of intrigue and treachery, even attempted murder. However no-one is aware of this, except perhaps for Molly herself. For all intents and purposes, Alex is the house guest of a country gentleman, who lives about two miles from the village. From this vantage, he hopes to be able to investigate the faint leads he’s been following that seem to indicate that he’ll find his cousin here, unless she has once again fled.

Alex is dapper, suave, a true continental, and very much a snob when it comes to rubbing elbows with the lower classes. For the sake of his mission, though, he may well be willing to sink to such depths, if it will serve his purpose. He doesn’t know anyone in Madsmoor, or the castle, yet, but he will be anxious to get to know the locals, without, of course, revealing his true purpose for being there.


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Giovanni is a little boy of indeterminate age (as far as any of the locals go). He appears to be around four years old. He was rescued from a hedge row by the side of one of the tracks leading in and out of the village. He was found all alone. It turned out he was the child of an Italian man who had also been found a day earlier and brought to hospital, where he succumbed to the flu. He has temporarily passed into the keeping of the local solicitor, Lawrence Bayliss (above) who has taken on the task of trying to find the appropriate placement for the little boy. Actually, as that seems to be only some horrible foundling home in York, it appears the boy is more likely to wind up a semi-permanent member of Lawrence's small household. Giovanni only speaks Italian at the moment.


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Thomas Blackpool

Thomas is a haunted man, for all intents and purposes. He is a farmer and owns some land on the outskirts of the village. He was married, but his wife...disappeared. It's unclear what happened to her. Some say he murdered her. Others say he beat her and she ran away. Whatever the truth, he was never arrested or charged with anything. He had always appeared to love his wife, Nel, very deeply. Now he is basically a recluse, silent and dour whenever he has need to come into the village, which isn't often.


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William "Simon" Went

Simon, as he is called, has a mild intellectual disability and a stammer. He has been written off as 'simpleminded' (thus the nickname) and people around the village typically discount and ignore him. He spends most of his time helping his aged grandfather try to keep their rented small holding productive. Occasionally he comes into the village on some errand for his Granddad. The villagers tend to give him a wide berth because he also has psoriasis, which often shows on his face and hands. Some are fearful that its contagious. They whisper that he is "cursed" or unlucky, and that it's all the fault of the immoral acts of his mother (who had the sad misfortune of falling under the spell of sweet talking man who got her pregnant and then abandoned her). Simon is due to be coming under suspicion of murder.


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Lord John Weymouth

A neighboring squire, he is master of Lydgate House, which lies a few miles outside of the village. He is a minor character, but "a character" nonetheless! He is much more sedentary now that he's in his dotage. But he still has his moments! Often plays host to other "characters" so if you're in need of a temp home for your person, let me know and we might be able to set you up!
Hey Gil, welcome to MM! I play Kel, the other groundskeeper, and he and Rob have a lot in common - both the same age, both work on local farms near the manor! Kel's been working for Madswitte since he was a bit older, maybe seventeen or so? So I figure they've got a sort of familiar acquaintanceship at the very least? Kel is also pretty gay, so he may have tried out flirting with Robbie, though only if that's something you're comfortable with.

I've got a bunch of other characters too, which can all be found in my own plotter here. If you find any of them interest you instead/as well!

Also, feel free to join us in our newest plot event found here. It's a pretty laid back bonfire party type thing that the servants are throwing while the nobles party inside. I only just started it up yesterday so there's no posts yet but that will change in due time, perhaps even later today!
Thank you! I'd love to say Robbie and Kel are on good terms/friends and the flirting would be fine too! If you'd be interested, we could even cook something up that would be more than just a simple friendship between them. I don't know what Kel's background is, in terms of intimate relationships (either emotion, physical or both). But I would find it interesting to say that perhaps Kel and Rob at some point had a little thing going and perhaps Robbie veered off eventually to do more of the traditional boy/girl thing and perhaps now he is finding that isn't holding his interest enough??

But I am open to whatever you think might work for you and Kel. I will also take a look at your other lovelies and throw some ideas at you on your plotter.

Awesome, actually, I had envisioned that Kel had his first lover around 15 or so, but something happened like said lover moved away or was forbidden to see him after they were caught, etc. Dunno if that would fit with your ideas or not, but I definitely like the idea that they had a thing once! Kel's currently 'dating' the footman, Felix, but they are both polyamorous so he'd probably not say no to starting up things with multiple dudes. He also has an ex, Cecil, who is another footman, tho he's currently just a want ad for me, so yeah there's some drama going on already for sure XD
Heya! I’ve got two characters that Robbie might know!

Lucy Plumey is about his age and grew up in Madsmoor as well, working family, her dad was probably a baker or something. She is uhh… dramatic is probably the best word? Lucy basically lives like a displaced diva, she loves attention and admiration, and is not above petty manipulation to earn them. Three or four years ago her family moved to the United States, and she moved up to York ~the big city~, but she’s recently come back to Madsmoor after the city didn’t go so well for her.

Idk, maybe she had a crush on the handsome boy back when they were children? I think now she’d have a bit of an attitude, since her beau back in York was older and rich and a real asshole.

Dr. Oliver Dietrich is more of a professional. He’s been a guest at the manor to help treat Kelvin Madswitte, but he’s happy to help any of the townspeople with ailments as well. He is friendly with Gordon Brandt the valet and Meril Benbow the Housekeeper, so he’s not terribly stuck up about domestic staff, but I’m sure he still comes off as severe and a high-strung. Felix, the footman, probably complains about him.

It is possible Robbie has spotted him dragging suspicious materials back to the castle late at night. >:3 Other than that, they probably either know each other through other staff or from doctor-y stuff.
Kel & Rob I'd love to say that Rob & Kel had a first love kind of thing back in the day! It might be interesting to say that Rob was far more uncomfortable with the homosexual aspect of it all/had more of a compulsion to 'fly straight' after a while, and tended to downplay the whole thing after it was over? But in actuality he hasn't ever really forgotten how much he liked being with Kel. So if currently he has been having troubles with the ladies, any indications on Kel's part that he'd be open to rekindling those old embers would meet with interest on Rob's part.

I could start a thread for us - perhaps at the stable? Or wherever their equipment is kept? Rob might need to go there to retrieve a tool of some sort, or something like that, and bump into his buddy Kel?

Lucy & Rob Lucy sounds like fun! I love a girl with sass! And I love your idea of a past crush - and now she is back and all grown up? Perhaps Rob would see her with very different eyes but Lu is just *speak to the hand dude*.

I could start a thread for us, in the village? Has she been back long and do you think it likely they would have run into one another previously (since she's been back)?

Dr. Dietrich & Rob Dragging bodies mysterious stuff back to the castle at night, hm? That sounds intriguing! Does the good doctor ever need plant ingredients for anything he concocts? And if so, would he likely ask staff to help him procure it? Maybe something grown in the gardens, or even something not so common but possibly found on the grounds elsewhere? Or the moor? I'm no herbologist so I don't know what it could be). Rob might be told to assist him, or he is the one who went and fetched the whatever and is bringing it to the good Doctor?

Again, if you let me know your pleasure I can probably get us started.
Sure thing, please do start one for us if you like! There's a garden shed somewhere on the grounds as well if that works.
Heya Gil! Lucy has been back for a few weeks, so they've probably crossed paths? Usually, Lucy is working in the kitchen, so if he's dropping in for food, or if she is outside on a smoke break they're likely to at least spot each other.

Also, that totally reminds me that Oliver was do an experiment with plants to measure toxicity of different chemicals! Robbie totally could have helped out with that! 8D

We can start a thread in the village if you like, or just throw them in a thread at the bonfire, since we've got the event going on! :D
Kel & Rob : I began a thread in the Yard of the castle :)

Lucie & Rob: I've posted Rob in the bonfire thread :)

Oliver & Rob: Do you want to say they are out trudging around on the moors? Alternatively, I could just have Rob coming back to the castle with some plants Oliver had asked him to collect?
Hi Gil! I've got a passel of characters but there's three main ones that Robbie would most likely know/be aware of.

Felix - is a newly arrived Footman, Dr. Dietrich's son (but he doesn't go into that), and Kel's current lover. Robbie's definitely going to run into him at the Bonfire but he may have run into him wandering around the grounds looking for Kel previous to this

Gordon Brandt - is Kelvin's latest Valet. Gordon spends most of his time inside but has been known to wander the grounds on occasion. He's more of a city-boy so is kind of uncomfortable with the moors but is about to acquire a dog that will need housing on the grounds so there might be something there?

Wilf - is Lucy's grandfather and the local barber/teller of tales. Robbie probably would have heard some of Wilf's ghost stories throughout his life or just run into him regularly in the village.
Woooo! I think we can have them trudging out in the moors. Oliver recently found a mummified body out there, so... he's pretty stoked about pete moss right now. :P
Felix & Rob I definitely would like to see these two together and get a feel for how they mesh - or don't! If Felix is out on the grounds looking for Kel, or even in the kitchen maybe (?) he might bump into Robbie and they could have a natter? I could begin it if you tell me where to set it.

Gordon & Rob The dog idea sounds good! Does the castle have a kennel? Maybe an old one no longer used? Perhaps Rob would be showing it to Gordon with a view towards getting it cleaned up and in good enough shape to house said doggie?

Wilf & Rob I love ghost stories! Maybe Rob is hanging out with the boys on his afternoon off and Wilf gets going with a tale - Rob is probably the jerky, skeptical guy who snorts and rolls his eyes a lot LOL Maybe we could set it at the pub? Or maybe there in a bench out front of the barber shop?
Yooo, I'm popping back in here for Philomena...

I feel like she might actually get along with Oliver pretty well! He appreciates curiosity and they have a similar disposition (and perhaps impatience with some of the other family members). He is kind've old fashioned regarding women & higher learning, but maybe she could be trying to convince him to put in a good word for her at Cambridge? He would certainly encourage her studies as a hobby. Maybe in return she could be keeping an eye out for his proper etiquette around nobility.
Philly: *happy dance* :D

I think you are right! She is more than a bit starved for "intelligent" discourse and I'm sure she'd want to cultivate Oliver's friendship. And she could certainly give him "tips for nobs" although she herself feels "etiquette" is totally out of date and pointless. lol

Does he have a room he uses for his scientific endeavors? Would he show her the mummy? I'm sure she'd be keen to help or watch or take notes, whatever he saw fit to ask of her.
Hmm, so far I've been writing it that he keeps a lot of his stuff in his chamber, but he works a lot in the library, where I am sure they have chatted about his work plenty! :D

Ehehe, he probably would show her the bog mummy if she seemed interested. XD I think his understanding of what might be too gory for people is pretty warped from being a surgeon for years.

So there is a weird hitch... Oliver is actually planning to go back to Cambridge the day after this party. He doesn't think he'll be coming back (spoiler alert, he will). He's proooobably told her already? Up to you, could be a cool thing for this thread, at least.

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