Open Main Event: The Bonfire
“Yes, I’d appreciate it.” Oliver said. He would be remiss if Kelvin’s condition worsened once he left. Dr. Dietrich doubted sincerely his departure would have such an effect on the man’s recovery, but news would certainly put his mind at ease.

“Oh- I’ve never had a valet before.” Or a butler, for that matter. Oliver never quite found a need, he was quite capable of putting together his own wardrobe, considering his work was simply at the hospital. And he never entertained. As he paused to think, however, he took a moment to realize he hadn’t quite answered Gordon’s question. “Thank you for the offer Gordon, but I’m sure you’ll find the pay and the work here much more rewarding.” The doctor wasn’t keen on the man’s salary, but considering he didn’t even afford a live-in housemaid, he doubted sincerely that his rate would be comparable.

Unsure of when he’d see Gordon again where they could exchange words like this, Oliver held out his hand. “It’s been a pleasure, Mr. Brandt.”
Jon grinned taking her hand in his and immediately started to walk towards the house. He gave her a charming smile and kissed the back of her hand. "When one is tired of dancing, one should drink! And the party didn't have anything quite up to a standard a lady like you should have." He gave her a playful wink. He only let go of her to open the door for her and bowed low and gestured with his arm.

"After you.. my lady!"

He followed her as already the idea of grabbing one or two of their bottles came to mind. Not their most expensive, or too much. If so they'd make out like bandits and no one would be the wiser. He lit a candle and walked with her, but let her mostly lead the way.

"Any particular one in mind?"
Molly stared into the dark abyss that was the stairwell then towards him. "It's too dark to see.. I'll meet you at the bottom. Maybe if there are bodies they'll let me know." She gave him an amused smile and walked into the shadows, her fingertips drifting along the wall to keep track of where she was as she stepped silently and carefully. The only signs of her progress was the creaking of the steps.
This girl seemed the type to wander off into dark places and never return, so Émil hastened to find a hanging gas lamp in the kitchen and light it, taking it with him as he rushed to catch up with Miss Bloom in the stairwell.

"Don't trip. Tower Biter might get you." That wasn't exactly reassuring of him, but he was superstitious enough to take a decent amount of heed to the ghosts.
Molly had only gotten about half of the the way on her descent down the stairs. She looked back seeing the light. Her brow rose as she stared in wonder.
"The biter? I thought it only haunted the tower.."

She reached out to take his arm when he reached her. She did not wish to be a victim of the phantom.
"These stairs are in the tower, the four on each side." He offered his arm and carefully descended further. "Or, they sort of lead up into them, so I guess it goes inside this part. I never felt nothing but some cold ankles. Have you?"
Molly gave a little 'oh' as she took his arm for support and walked with him. Her eyes stared at the stairs he mentioned as she moved slowly. Her face turned towards him, even though it looked eerie in the light. She shook her head and returned to focusing on the shadowy stairwell.

"Never. Maybe it's picky about its ankles."
The answer was about what he'd expected, and as such, Gordon could hardly be disappointed. Yet it seemed so terribly final as he returned the Doctor's handshake. "A pleasure," he returned. It was unlikely they'd meet again in this life, and Gordon preferred not to give the next much thought. For a few moments, he wondered whether he ought to say more. But really, what more was there to say? "Thanks again, Dr. Dietrich," he said, for want of any deeper sentiment. "For everything you've done for me and for the Professor."

That being said, Gordon turned away, moving toward the servant's hall, rather than returning to the party.

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