Open Main Event: The Party
"Yes, this is Miss Harriet Kempa, a friend of mine." It was such a shame that she and Lady Philomena were not better friends. True, Claudia enjoyed the company of Harriet Kempa thoroughly, but it would be so pleasant to have another friend who lived in the castle. Her attempts at befriending young Julienne were met only with suspicion and open hostility, and the girl was a few years too young to be a true friend in any case. "Oh well," Claudia said, as the other young lady hurried away to speak to another guest. "She is terribly bookish, interested in science and that sort of thing. I hope you have another opportunity to speak to her, but hosting these events does take ever so much effort."

She moved to the table, pouring herself and Miss Kempa some wine, though she did make certain to give her friend slightly less before handing it to her. "A toast? To friendship," Claudia suggested, smiling brightly at the other girl.
"Oh, goodbye, Lady Philomena!" She watched her leaving with some slight disappointment, but she was cheered almost immediately when offered the bowl of wine. "It's very exciting, to friendship!" She grinned at Claudia and took a drink. A little of it spilled out the sides onto her chin, and she coughed slightly and rubbed at her face with her sleeve. How humiliating....
Claudia was having difficulties with the kylix as well, wine dribbling out both sides of her mouth quite unbecomingly. She quickly set it down and patted her mouth with a handkerchief. "Oh dear," she said, then laughed, offering the handkerchief to Harriet as well. "However did the Greeks manage?"
The wine left a dreadful stain, she was horrified to behold! "Oh blast!" Taking the offered handkerchief and dabbing at the precious old white brocade frantically. "Oh Miss Gillingham, I am dreadfully sorry. I do hope Lady Violetta doesn't notice..." She glanced at the woman in question, who seemed to be on her way out of the room entirely, supporting her father under her arm. Harriet was relieved, but knew she'd be in for it if she were to find out. "I must fix it, is there any place I might give it a more thorough rinse?"
The wine had so much damage to the Romeo tunic -or was it a surcoat? Claudia wasn't entirely sure about medieval garments- that the handkerchief had little effect. She did want to reassure the girl, but was also horrified, as she wasn't entirely sure anything could be done.

"I'm sure she won't," Claudia said, as she had to say something. "I doubt Lady Violetta remembers every garment in the cache, and even if she does, she has more than enough on her mind." Considering somewhere they might repair the damage was more difficult. All of the servants were supposed to be outside, occupied by their own party, or she would suggest one of the maids deal with it. Claudia frowned for a moment, then realized she had answered her own question.

Clasping Miss Kempa's hand, she moved to pull her away from the party. "I know just the place," she whispered. "We'll go downstairs, to the Servants' Hall! There's sure to be a sink or laundry there, for the maids to use."

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