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Tell me ur faves, your currently playing. Your least faves? Tell all.

These days I play these on and off:
Fallout 4
Dishonored 2
Tomb Raider (old and new)
Sims 4 (finally have kewl mods)
Dragon Age: Inquisition
Neverwinter Nights (first played at 11 and never stopped)
Skyrim (survival mods yes)
Fatal Frame 1 (only console game atm)
I'm really bad at actually finishing games, but games that I enjoy

-Dragon Age series
-Fallout 3 & New Vegas
-Bioshock and Bioshock II but Not Infinite 
-Sims 2 and Sims 3
-Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 and Multiplayer on ME3 
-Multiplayer Mode and Multiplayer Story in Uncharted 3
-Multiplayer in GTA 5
I'm a crappy gamer but I play:
- Telltale Games: Batman, GoT, TWD S1 & 2, Wolf Among Us, Tale from the Borderlands -- literally requires zero effort besides sitting there and clicking buttons. Really fun games, though (especially Borderlands and Batman ones)
- King's Quest (the new episodic one) -- only played episode one so far but the first episode was AMAZING. It's cute and medieval with crackery and comedy so I recommend it 100%.
- Life is Strange -- great until you get to the last episode which I pretend doesn't exist. I'd recommend it.
- Banner Saga -- nice artwork, snowy non-Tolkien Scandinavian-ish fantasy world.
- LotRO and SWO -- not really on all that much though. Mostly go on for trolling.
- Alien: Isolation -- but I haven't played it all that much since I got it. Fail.
- Sherlock -- love it but at the same time, it sort of bores me LOL.
Ooooh man. So many ways to answer this.

Probably my fave game ever is Shadow of the Colossus.

Comfort food game is SSX Tricky & SSX 3

Endless hours games would be Skyrim (YES. SURVIVAL MODS OVER HERE TOO!), Sims Franchise and Civilization V/VI

Current rotation is Battlefront, Horizon Zero Dawn & Bloodborne

Games I got most fangirly about are Dragon Age: Inquisition & The Last of Us

Games I'll talk your ear off about because THEY ARE INTERESTING, Firewatch, Amnesia, Papers Please, Until Dawn, Pokemon Snap, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

Games I want to play more but they cause a ruckus, Rock Band

Games I want to play more but then got distracted by newer games Fallout 4, Thumper, Darkest Dungeon

Guilty Pleasure games, Saints Row III, Logical Journey of the Zoombinis... mobile.

Yeee! I play a lot of games, though, so feel free to talk to me about anything you've been digging. I don't really get miffed with spoilers, because like TryFate, I rarely finish them. 8|

Hit me up over PM if y'all use Steam or PSN, too.
(03-06-2017, 04:40 PM)TryFate Wrote: -Bioshock and Bioshock II but Not Infinite 

Lol, preach.
(03-06-2017, 07:25 PM)Oisín Wrote: - Sherlock -- love it but at the same time, it sort of bores me LOL.

OH YEAH I play them too! My mom and I do them together to bond. Sometimes they are boring as fuck or hilarious but when they hit the right notes they are awesome! Great vibe for this board actually, the one where they go to the asylum and had weird Cthulhu adventures was my fav so far.

(03-07-2017, 12:53 AM)Ghost Wrote: Amnesia

Hell ya, have you played their earlier series, Penumbra? Some of the voice acting (ok one voice in particular) is cringy to the point where i have to turn it off, but overall I liked the story more than Amnesia if only for originality points.
No, people keep recommending Soma to me, but I have not got around to that one yet either. :(. I did not get super duper far in Amnesia but I have a huge respect for what they did with the mechanics.
I played Soma and found it had potential but fell flat at the end. Amnesia is probably the scariest shit out of all of them, best atmosphere too fo sho.
Speaking of horror games, I actually just spent the evening playing Resident Evil 7 on PSVR. It is KINDA GREAT?!
I've seen footage, it looks really cool!

Also ME:A is out on trial? and so far reviews are ??? so idk if i will even buy it >>
I can't believe i forgot LA:Noire :C I love it or at least, the setting and the music and the characters/story of it. The actual gameplay is . . . I cheated to solve the cases correctly.

I started playing Alan Wake and it is intense and gives me writery feels.
Omg, i spent most of my time in LA Noir accidentally destroying the car every time!! I like it too tho, i need to play more sometime. Historical games are <3
So these range from Dear God What Is That Thing to Not Bad. They were very fun to make, especially when i found some good historical (ish) CC! I hope they are recognizable enough to guess who they are. But also yes some are so horrifying i have a hard time even looking at them. Like Kel. what happened man.

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UM. Been playing a lot of Splatoon 2!! Also Dream Daddy. XD
I started another round of Dream Daddy! But those minigames are hard. XD
I do enjoy a bit of Binding of Isaac, Don't Starve, Stranded Deep, and I'm always on the look out for another fun little game like Harvest Moon or Stardew Valley. ( I like Terraria and Minecraft but I haven't played either in a while).

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