Darkness Rather Blacker, A Sequel
Fred came barreling out from behind the same clump of gorse bushes, almost running full tilt into his brother. He’d fallen behind Ed on their exploratory meandering trek out on the moor, having stopped to poke about around a long empty golden plover’s nest.  The dried out, speckled eggs were still there, crushed to bits by some predators jaws. No doubt the parents had then abandoned the failed attempt at raising a brood. Fred wondered if they’d tried again, or if one shot was all they got. He sometimes had questions like this, but no-one ever seemed to know the answers – at least no-one that he knew. Maybe he was just asking the wrong people. In any case, he’d looked up from his investigations and Ed was gone. Typical. So he’d run to catch him up, and then heard Ed talking, which was unexpected. They had gone out of their way to avoid hanging about the village – because of the truant officer – and apparently they still were meant to encounter people all the way out here. Bad luck.

Hearing his brother’s taunt, though, had his blood up and so he had picked up speed, to better clobber Ed when he got to him. He burst forth from behind the bushes and grabbed Ed by the shoulders, giving him a good shake – a far from dignified entrance onto the scene.

”Shet yer bleedin’ gob or I’ll bray ‘ee, ya gormless mank!” he exclaimed, a bit hotly, trying to clout his twin by the ear. It was then he spied the two girls and he paused, staring at them – possibly a fatal mistake for it would give his brother time to retaliate.

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