Subplots: The Madsmoor Monthly
[warning: violence, abuse: animal]

The Madsmoor Monthly

The local newspaper, very modest in production, but informative in nature.

Table of Contents
Mysterious Beast
Livestock Slaughtered by Unknown Predator

Several recent reports to the Madsmoor shrievalty detail strange, gruesome slaughtering of our local farmers' livestock during the night. Pigs, sheep, pheasants, and goats in groups of up to ten have been massacred with their entrails splayed out and half-devoured. This is not some small fox or badger's work, something larger is to blame. The current leading theory on this horrid phenomenon attributes the attacks to some escaped dog. Another, less savoury possibility is that someone is playing a sinister prank not fit for the faint of heart or the sound of mind. Any further detail should be reported to the shrievalty immediately.
Madsmoor Musical Society
Madswitte Guest Gathers Group

A young singer called Anatole Morin, a visitor of Castle Madswitte itself, has begun to rally those gifted with musical talents to begin a small troupe. They are convening at six in the evening in the borrowed space of town hall every Wednesday. All who aspire to or have some affinity for playing an instrument, acting, pantomime or singing are welcome to attend.
Bodies in the Bog
Mummified Corpse Found in Menka's Bog

A citizen has noticed a body surface in the westernmost region of Menka's Bog, located just off the grounds of Castle Madswitte. Currently there are no plans to excavate the site further. All are cautioned to steer clear of the marshland as always, and to report any suspicious activity nearby.

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