The Madswittes; A History and Analysis
[warning: suicide mention, violence, death, murder]

Chandan, to be added, edited at your discretion - maksimov

1640, est. - Thomas Madswitte I, unknown origin; German, Scot, French?
1740s - Madsmoor est.
Various deaths, both suspect and natural, none broke the family line

Thomas Madswitte II - accident, Thomas iii is named third despite no parent connect.
Erin Madswitte - Wife of Edward, accident
Menka Kitanov - kalmyk girl, guest, accident, can consult from Russ. abt. Oirats for history
Ephrem Madswitte - heir, murder or suicide
Walter Johannson - villager, well poisoning ?
Myrtle Crane - maid, accident
Alberta Bankman - lady's maid, only conclusive murder, no suspects, buried in shallow tomb with belongings

Kelvin - sole heir, widower of Senka
Chastains - new family, divorcée wife
Muzurans - Senka's cousins, Nedeljko suspicious origins

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