Q: What's your stance on historical accuracy?

You need not be an expert on the time period. As long as you're generally familiar with things from around 1890 to 1910, you'll be fine! Also Google is your friend, don't be afraid to use it whenever you need to.

Q: Where is your application form? How do I submit a character?

We don't have an application system. Instead, all of the information on your character can be filled out upon registration, and from there, added to or edited.

Q: Do you allow diverse characters?

Yes, we encourage characters of any gender, race, sexuality, etc. It doesn't matter if you think such people 'wouldn't exist' in this era or location, we will allow them. We've started out with some typical white gender roles for now, mostly in terms of patrilineage and a division between male and female house staff. However, if you'd like to make an exception (ie create a female and/or non-white character in power, a non-binary character on a binary house staff position, etc) you are welcome and encouraged to do so.

Q: Can I create a new member of the Madswitte, Chastain, or Muzuran family?

Not at this time.

Q: What type of character can I make?

Currently, you may play a member Madswitte, Chastain, or Muzuran family (so long as one is available), a domestic servant working for Castle Madswitte, a visitor of upper or middle class staying there, or a resident of Madsmoor village of any class. To play a family member, check out our Want Ad Submission thread, where you may also find many other types of characters needed for both admin and member created subplots.

Q: How many characters per member?

You may make as many as you like, at any time. We ask only that you be sensible/fair about how many claims you take. (IE, don't take up all the open slots at once, especially if you notice others are gunning for them along with you.)

Q: What's the criteria for Visitors at the castle?

They can be any unrelated nobility or middle class character. It would be courteous to confer with players of family members about how they know your guest, but other than that, there isn't any criteria at the moment.

Q: Is this place plot or character oriented?

Both! We give you a basic plot history for background, you forge on with your characters. Group events will happen every once in a while, and from there, opportunities for characters to participate in overarching plots, get into mischief, and/or even be killed off in a dramatic fashion will arise, if you so choose.

Q: Can I play a fandom character here?

Yes, as long as they fit (or are modified to fit) within our setting.

Q: Is mature content allowed?

As long as things are tagged (see our Content Warnings for details), and consent has been given from all participants OOC, then you're free to write whatever you want.

Q: Do I have to use a Play-By/Face Claim?

No, you can use anything to represent your character, as long as it's an image of some kind. Just don't steal artwork.

Q: Do you have a face claim list?

We do have an optional face claim list now. For more info check out our Images & Avatars thread for details.

Q: Any requirements for graphics/coding?

Your avatar must be 150X200 pixels (Avatars default to greyscale, don't be alarmed!). Signatures are disabled. HTML is allowed only in Dramatis Personae or Memoranda posts, where you can use any type of image you like so long as it doesn't stretch the board.

Q: What are your activity requirements?

If you're inactive for a month or more with no notice, we will move your character to the Inactive category in our url=http://www.tatterdemalion.org/moorland/claimlist.php]Claim List[/url]. You can always come back and reclaim your spot unless it's been taken by someone new.

Q: Do you have a mobile skin?

We do! Scroll down to our footer and select the MyBB GoMobile theme.

Q: Is there anything I need to do after registration?

No, you are free to begin posting after you fill out all required registration fields correctly. You might find it helpful to post a plotter thread for yourself in Dramatis Personae, or respond to someone else's.

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