Closed Misplaced in the Manor
Despite himself, Gordon was beginning to feel more and more unsettled. Watching Florian investigate, not at all interested in participating himself. "Oh?"

A moment passed, before Gordon moved to the other man's side. The cold was disturbing. "A draught, possibly? ... rats under the floorboards?"
He was a big thing, the bloodhound, but soft in the heart like a lamb. He barked and snorted at the two serving humans, wishing they would take him for a jaunt in the garden!

Florian felt the floor vibrate, his instinct was to feel the wall as if someone was stomping in the room adjacent, but all he could feel was the carpet and a slight movement of its worn threads at the corner.

"Big rats." He turned to look at Gordon, "But I can see no other source than the floor itself."

Bedfordshire barked again. Florian felt his heart buzz, as if more sound was there, but he heard nothing. "It's a queer... feeling, do you feel that?"

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