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No Place Like Home - Karen McBride - 10-15-2019

Home was a word she did not understand for the longest time until she finally met Harold... the man who swept her from her feet and brought joy to. Her brother didn't have to like it, she had decided, because home was where the heart was and that was with her Harold. They were renting a small house while the new one was being built, that way they had their privacy. Even though it was only temporary, Karen seemed to have a knack for making a house into something better. Quilts and afghans were strewn about invitingly, books were tucked everywhere, a basket of knitting was next to the winged chair she seemed to like sitting in, rag rugs were placed on the floors and bursts of color filled the house in every room.

She was situated at the heart of the house: the kitchen, working on supper on a late night when she knew he would be famished by the time he got home. Roast beef filled the air with it's delicious aroma, mingling with the scent of fresh bread. Potatoes were in one pot about to be mashed, vegetables were off to the side being kept warm, and she was mainly waiting for him to return.

Karen Calloway felt like the luckiest woman in the world by that point.

RE: No Place Like Home - Harold Calloway - 10-15-2019

Harold never thought he'd find someone he would want to settle down with. Nor did any of his family think that it would ever happen. Yet, here he was newly married. Looking back on his life, there was never a moment he thought to himself he'd end up in another country making a life for himself. He was having a house built that would accommodate visitors. How it was decorated wasn't something he cared much about. 

He didn't necessarily like flaunting that he had money, specially in a town where a lot of people didn't. Harold of course would get Karen anything she wanted if she asked. He got off early today to talk to a builder to make sure the kitchen had the newest features available.  For now, the pair were renting a home together. The kitchen seemed to be the place Karen loved to be in and it wasn't a surprise to find her there cooking. 

That dewey eye look came over him as he watched her for a moment. "My dear, that smells delicious." 

RE: No Place Like Home - Karen McBride - 10-15-2019

"Harold," she breathed, moving over to him and wrapping her arms around him when able to. She looked up into his eyes with love and happiness, leaned in and planted a kiss on his lips. "There ye are," she murmured and grinned. "I've cooked up roast beef, I hope ye like it." She pulled away and gestured toward the sink for him to wash his hands, did the same, and then went to finish the potatoes really quick.

She brought all of the food to the table, then paused to take a breath when dizziness swept through her courtesy of their child. Sweat clammed her face up and, hoping he missed the waver, she portioned out some food for both of them. The last thing she wanted was concern for something that was common during pregnancy... Maybe she was just hungry.

"Sit and eat now, I am sure ye need it after a long day."

RE: No Place Like Home - Harold Calloway - 10-15-2019

He was lucky, that was the thought that ran through him as her lips greeted his. He stood there for a moment and then moved to the sink. After washing his hands he helped her bring some of the food to the table. After the food was on the table, he placed his hand on her back and leaned down to kiss her stomach. "I hope you haven't been given your mom too much trouble today." The southern accent slipping his lips as he  stood back up straight and looked over his wife's complexion

"How are you feeling?" He ran his hand up and down her back in a motion he hoped was comforting. His eyes looked off to the table that was set as his other hand rested on the chair he was about to pull out for his wife to sit. "I realize I ask that a lot"

RE: No Place Like Home - Karen McBride - 10-15-2019

"Ive been mostly restin' like ye told me to, love. I am just fine, just... dizzy again, that is all." She only had a slight swell of belly at that point, but loved the fact that he stooped down to kiss that belly and rub at her back, which she loved. Her sigh was content as he found the ache she had plain been ignoring all night. She gave him a quick hug of appreciation and love, kissed the top of his head and then took the seat he was pulling out for her.

The look of love remained in her eyes as she watched him and she asked, "Was your day at work alright?" She assumed he had not lost anyone because he usually mourned when he did like it was his fault when it wasn't.

RE: No Place Like Home - Harold Calloway - 10-15-2019


The feeling of her arms around him, the kiss to his head, and the movement she took to sit down would become a moment he'd think back on when he needed a smile. He moved a chair to sit beside her instead of across from her. He wanted to place his hand on her belly every now and then. In fact Harold would talk, sing, and touch her belly as long as his wife allowed him to.

"It was okay, nothing horrible, a few coughs and a couple of scrapes. I was able to get off early and talk to the builders, things look to be on schedule." He started to put food in front of him as he spoke.

RE: No Place Like Home - Karen McBride - 10-16-2019

When he sat beside her, she twined her fingers through his momentarily and squeezed his hand. Her heart swelled with joy at his mere presence and she would not stop him from talking and singing and touching her belly. She loved him for it, for all of the little things he did for her like he did in that moment. When he began to eat, so did she and she replied to his words with a smile, "I am glad your day wasn't bad then."

RE: No Place Like Home - Harold Calloway - 10-16-2019

A few quick bites, he forced himself to stop and just digest what he had eaten. It was very easy forth into blow through a meal fast. Living with someone, trying to change habits to be mindful of the other person, it was all new to him. He took another bite and then squeezed her hand. "Tomorrow, I was thinking we could cook together."

RE: No Place Like Home - Karen McBride - 10-18-2019

"What would ye like to cook?" she asked, trying not to wolf down her food as well but hungry. She squeezed his hand again as he squeezed hers, and she smiled. Her fingers twined through his and she murmured, "I love ye." Her lips curled into a small smile. Her eyes were soft as they peered at his face, she was quite happy at the moment.