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Posted by Radiance Admin - 01-24-2020, 12:33 PM
[Image: unknown__1_.png]

Orezea, a nation of proud mountain people who have carved a living from the mountain ranges and valleys that make up most of their natural terrain. A people who know themselves to be closer to the sky than any others.

Solea, a nation of strong people who survive the harshest of climates and have become one with the desert that is their home. A people who know they are as vast as the sands around them.

These two nations have been at war longer than anyone can remember.

Beyond all of this are the Mists, which rule the nights and drive people into safety and shelter. All people except the Mistbound Company, a group of neutral traders who cross the borders between the two nations constantly.

For now the war carries on another day, another season, perhaps even another year...

Radiance is a new original fantasy RP Forum.

We offer:

* Wyverns and our own unique bondable creature - Thalhers
* Utility magic
* Human and non-human characters
* 2 playable nations
* A relaxed and LGBTQIA-friendly environment
* A friendly and encouraging community
* A welcoming Discord server

Hope to see you around!