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He is tall, with dark brown hair and eyes that have strange coloring... Were they blue? Were they green? Some days they seemed brown. In reality, there are flecks of each in his earth like eyes. He has a tattoo of a scorpion on his left shoulder blade, and a birth mark on his right buttock. He is muscular, which is odd for a man who is as bookish as he, but it's leaner muscle, not the bulky muscle.
Quiet and bookish, Wrigley is the kind of man who could get lost in some fictional adventure. He adores real adventure too. He likes to go on missions to find old books for his personal collection, including a rare copy of Dante's Inferno in Spanish, first edition even. He didn't have the copy, but he often talks about his lifelong goal of achieving it.

If he is adored by ladies, he hardly takes notice. He tends to be more reserved when it comes to the opposite sex, possibly holding out for a love match instead of an arrangement... Or perhaps he was more pragmatic than that he would marry by convenience...
He was born in Lancaster to Paul and Sarah Jones, third son in a comfortable family of seven. He has two sisters and two brothers and is exactly in the middle with his two sisters still being thirteen, Trudy, and sixteen, Maybel, respectively.

Paul Jr and Patrick are twins at the age of 29.

That is what is known about him by people in Lancaster. He is closed mouthed about his family mostly for privacy sake.

He recently decided he needed to seek his fortune and decided he was going to open up a book store in a town that was growing in size as of recent years.
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